Dec 15th – Abbey Road Studios and TisT-Mas!

Hello TisT Community,

I wanted to share our fantastic day at Abbey Road Studios, filled with music, memories, and pure magic.

We all gathered on the iconic Abbey Road Studios steps, a spot steeped in musical history. It was a surreal moment, realizing we were about to make our own mark in this legendary recording space.

Inside the studios, some of us hung out in the canteen, patiently waiting for the musicians to finish their part, knowing that they’d soon be part of the recording too!

Our moment came, and we were invited to lend our voices to the recording. Singing alongside talented musicians, we knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But there was more – we were filmed for the music video, making our contribution even more special.

I’m immensely grateful to all who joined us. The memories we made were priceless, and this recording wouldn’t have been the same without you. It’s a testament to the talent and community we have at Talent Is Timeless.

After Abbey Road, we continued the celebration at the Camden Club. Eighteen talented members took the stage, sharing their music and stories. Laughter, applause, and genuine connection filled the room.

Friendships blossomed, and our bonds grew stronger. We shared stories, experiences, and lots of laughs. It was a night embodying the spirit of Talent Is Timeless – a community where passionate, talented individuals come together to support each other.

Thank you to everyone who made this day possible. Your enthusiasm, creativity, and love for music inspire us all. We’re excited for the journey ahead, creating, connecting, and making beautiful music together.

Stay tuned for more incredible moments and adventures with Talent Is Timeless. Our journey is just beginning, and I’m grateful to have you all with us.

Warm wishes, Saskia

Dec 15th – Abbey Road Studios and TisT-Mas!




  1. Enjoyable evening in Camden meeting some Members for the first time, great to hear their Songs – well done to everyone who performed on the night and it was great to meet Saskia and listen to her Songs ?

  2. What a wonderful experience. Thank you so much Saskia for making it possible. It was wonderful also to meet the other members and listen to their stories. Absolutely fascinating. Lastly I never knew that I would have the courage to stand on a stage in front of absolute strangers and sing one of my songs. To hear the audience singing the chorus was fantastic. It was only possible because of the friendliness and support of the others.

  3. I really enjoyed the evening and I enjoyed performing too which doesn’t happen very often, that is both performing and enjoying the performing experience, so thank you ever so much Saskia for organising the event and it was great to meet some fellow TisT members too!