Talent Is Timeless UK Tour

Here is a selection of pictures from the first Talent Is Timeless UK Tour!

September 30th – October 20th 2021 was our first ever UK Talent Is Timeless roadshow. Founder Saskia Griffiths-Moore went to 14 locations around the UK to meet Talent Is Timeless members for the first time in the real world! 

Hosting songwriting workshops in the afternoons for people age 50+ and following that with giving Talent Is Timeless members opening slots at all her evening shows, Saskia managed to tour her new album ‘Where Are We Heading’ and create opportunities for Talent Is Timeless members to connect with one another in their local areas as well as perform in new venues to bigger audiences. Here are some of the highlights…

Abbey Road TisT Days

It was a joy to bring Talent Is Timeless members into Abbey Road to make some audio and video recordings! Here you see a few of the ‘Create & Release Journey’ members as they come to Abbey Road Studio for the first time on 28/29th July 2021.

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Abbey Road / Fergus McNeill

We brought the inaugural winner Fergus McNeill down from Scotland with his lovely band first to Pirate Studios in Notting Hill to rehearse and then to Abbey Road to record his winning track ‘Bloodrush’ at the end of July 2021. Photos by Raphael Cabon. 

Showcase 1

Here is a selection of pictures from the first Talent Is Timeless Showcase.

May 18th at The Bedford, London. Photos by Raphael Cabon and Allan McKay. Featuring Tony Moore (Judge), Saskia Griffiths-Moore (founder), Talent Is Timeless members: Phil Hooley, Donna Canale, Steve Strawhead.

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