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Here are the real people behind Talent Is Timeless, and galleries of some of our real world events.

2023 Talent Is Timeless Winners Announcement & Create & Release Showcase

Camden Club, London, July 9th - Members, Winners and the Create & Release group gathered to celebrate!

Capturing the essence of talent, passion, and creativity, the Winners Announcement and Create & Release Showcase Event was a night filled with electrifying performances and unforgettable moments. From the joyous celebrations of the Talent Is Timeless competition winners to the mesmerizing performances by the Create & Release participants, the event showcased the incredible talent and dedication within our community. The energy was palpable as artists and music lovers came together to celebrate and appreciate the power of music. Relive the magic through these captivating photos that capture the essence of an extraordinary night of music and camaraderie. Pics by Allan McKay, Johnnyng201609, and Saskia’s phone… 

Spring 2023 Poland Retreat

Music production retreat at Lakie House, Poland 12-18th April '23

Our participants came together from around the world to collaborate with talented musicians and produce beautiful, original music in a world-class professional studio. From intimate performances to lively jam sessions, our retreats offer an unforgettable experience for musicians of all levels. See for yourself the unique atmosphere and camaraderie that we foster at Talent Is Timeless. Browse through our gallery and discover what makes our retreats so special.


21-22 Jan 2023 for #TistSongwriters23, members hosted songwriting circles and invited local songwriters to join

From Saint Louis in France to Łąkie, Poland via Newcastle, Sherringham, Stoke St Gregory, Oakworth, Denby Dale all the way to North Hollywood USA Talent Is Timeless members hosted songwriting circles on the weekend of 21-22nd Jan to gathering together in the real world exchanging songs and stories. We organised this event for January to give us all a spark of joy and connection in the winter and judging by people’s reactions it did just that! A combined video of the event is coming soon…Congratulations to everyone that took part!

Talent Is Timeless - Christmas Workshop & Concert 05/12/202

Members gathered at The Camden Club, London for a Songwriting Workshop and Christmas Concert

In the afternoon Tony Moore gave an exceptional and detailed masterclass on songwriting and we followed that with a joyful Christmas celebration of music featuring performances from: Tony Clarke, Rebecca Richards, Roberta Boxshall & daughter Nicola, Johnnie Guy, Alma, Dylan White, Julie Meikle, Mel Reeves, Hannah Earle, Marty Davies, Juliet Lawson, Chris Leeds, Lesley Stone, Louise Coles, Steve Strawhead and workshop leader Tony Moore!


Photo’s here by Saskia Griffiths-Moore and TisT member Julie Meikle.

See the full live video on Facebook here:

Talent Is Timeless - Global annual winners prize trip to record at Abbey Road Studios

Global winners 'Radio Stranger' come to Abbey Road for their prize

Kelly Brightwell and Woody Moran, aka ‘Radio Stranger’ the global winners of the second annual Talent Is Timeless annual songwriting competition for people age 50+ were flown all the way over from Portland Oregon to collect their prize recording session, music video, professional photographs, record deal and production! Here are the shots of our day at the world famous Abbey Road Studios.

Talent Is Timeless - Abbey Road Studios 13th Oct

Talent Is Timeless members record at Abbey Road Studios!

With the help of our team of experts we brought 3 Talent Is Timeless members to Abbey Road Studios on 13th October before the showcase event to record live tracks, work on their own projects and make music videos 🙂 Results to come out soon!

Talent Is Timeless - London Showcase 13th Oct

14 Talent Is Timeless artists released a song and the Global winners 'Radio Stranger' gave a headline performance in London

Bringing together Talent Is Timeless members from across the UK a showcase was held at the Camden Club in London featuring 12 of 14 Talent Is Timeless members releasing a song on that date as the final part of the ‘Create & Release’ programme – a 5 month challenge to record, produce, promote and release a song. Global winners ‘Radio Stranger’ were flown in that week to record their winning track ‘Bare Boards’ and they performed a headline set at the showcase.

Talent Is Timeless - Sound Engineering Retreat Poland, Sept '22

Here is a selection of pictures from the sound engineering retreat at Lakie House, Poland

This September we took Talent Is Timeless members on an exclusive retreat in Poland to develop their sound engineering skills under the tutelage of producer Kris Gorski. The location is a custom built studio and fully residential retreat centre and outside of the educational workshops participants enjoyed forest walks, massages, fine vegetarian cuisine, the company of gorgeous cats and dogs and many an evening sing around. We are pleased to be able to offer this retreat bi-annually – look out for notifications about our next one!

Talent Is Timeless - Christmas Showcase 2021, London

Here is a selection of pictures from the Talent Is Timeless Christmas Showcase in London

In December in Camden (London) we hosted a Christmas Showcase featuring the winners of the monthly competitions and other Talent Isa Timeless members at a really special heart warming event. Many of us had travelled a long way in to be present and had faced ice storms, glacial winds and torrential rain to be there. But the music was strong, the ciders were passed around and Christmas hats were worn as we went upstairs to meet our host Ray Jones of TalentBanq.


Here we celebrated each others original songwriting with an opening performance from Paul Van Gelder, followed by double monthly winners Hugh Blaza and Steve Strawhead. Ian Middleton, Nicky Haxby performed in the second half and we finished with a set from double monthly winner Trudi Brunskill who ended her set with a collaboration with Hugh Blaza which took us all into a magical trance. 


These pictures taken by @melbrownstudios showcase the real beauty here, in the creativity of our our members, and the joy we find in our relationships with one another.


Thank you to everyone who participated and made this night truly special.

Talent Is Timeless UK Tour

Here is a selection of pictures from the first Talent Is Timeless UK Tour!

September 30th – October 20th 2021 was our first ever UK Talent Is Timeless roadshow. Founder Saskia Griffiths-Moore went to 14 locations around the UK to meet Talent Is Timeless members for the first time in the real world! 

Hosting songwriting workshops in the afternoons for people age 50+ and following that with giving Talent Is Timeless members opening slots at all her evening shows, Saskia managed to tour her new album ‘Where Are We Heading’ and create opportunities for Talent Is Timeless members to connect with one another in their local areas as well as perform in new venues to bigger audiences. Here are some of the highlights…

Abbey Road TisT Days

It was a joy to bring Talent Is Timeless members into Abbey Road to make some audio and video recordings! Here you see a few of the ‘Create & Release Journey’ members as they come to Abbey Road Studio for the first time on 28/29th July 2021.

Content coming soon.

Abbey Road / Fergus McNeill

We brought the inaugural winner Fergus McNeill down from Scotland with his lovely band first to Pirate Studios in Notting Hill to rehearse and then to Abbey Road to record his winning track ‘Bloodrush’ at the end of July 2021. Photos by Raphael Cabon. 

Showcase 1

Here is a selection of pictures from the first Talent Is Timeless Showcase.

May 18th at The Bedford, London. Photos by Raphael Cabon and Allan McKay. Featuring Tony Moore (Judge), Saskia Griffiths-Moore (founder), Talent Is Timeless members: Phil Hooley, Donna Canale, Steve Strawhead.