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Lakie House Manor, Poland

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Next Retreat: April 12-18th 2023

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Participant Comments


"I came away from the lovely surroundings of Lakie House in Poland thrilled by how much more I learned from Kris about getting the best out of my home studio to record and mix my music."

"The recording retreat at Kris Gorski’s house in Poland is a chance to down your normal tools in life and spend valuable time focussing on music and tech without distraction. I’d highly recommend the week."

"The country recording and sound retreat with Kris Gorski and Saskia at Lakie House in Poland was a lovely escape to a beautiful setting with fabulous food and Kris gave us a comprehensive course in recording and mixing techniques with endless patience and attention; all in a friendly, nurturing environment."

The retreat itself more than met my expectations. The house, location and welcoming family atmosphere made it a peaceful interesting week with excellent food. Rather than go with one of my songs, I went with a couple of well rehearsed cover songs and an open mind to learn recording techniques. I had previously tried Audacity but I prepared myself with Kris's suggested DAW (A free trial download of Reaper). I believe that this made life much easier than it would otherwise have been. In the sessions, I learned to consider distances for recording for mics for guitar, vocals and Cahon. How to use the focusrite interface and the sequencing of the many buttons on Reaper to get multiple tracks recorded. We learned how to fix individual tracks by punching in further recordings. How to mix the tracks into a reasonable format using volume, compression, reverb and particularly how to analyse and diminish the impact of distasteful frequencies. (EQ ing). I worked with Cath and we were allowed to go at our own pace. Excellent assistance was available when required. Now I have this week's experience and my detailed notes, I feel that I can, with a bit of assistance from youtube, confidently record myself and others.