Next Songwriting Retreat

Comfort, Texas
Sept 9-14th

What To Expect

  • 8 workshops led by Tutor Danni Nichols, covering various aspects of songwriting
  • Hotel-based and local dining experiences, immersing you in the charm of the area
  • A historic hotel setting, offering an artsy boutique ambiance reminiscent of a Western movie
  • A “picking circle” on the final night, where we’ll showcase our songs to the locals
  • Professional record the songs you write with a mobile producer, capturing live takes in high quality
  • Optional add-on for a live music video shoot in the picturesque location

Tutor: Danni Nicholls

Hailing from Bedfordshire, England, growing up on the American roots music of her Anglo-Indian grandmother’s record collection, singer/songwriter Danni Nicholls has been paving her way on the Transatlantic Americana scene for over a decade, building a loyal fan base and much critical praise. With the wind still in her sails from three consecutive Americana Music Association UK award nominations (Album, Artist and Song of the year in 2017, 2018 & 2020 respectively) her songs featured in shows such as Sons of Anarchy, plus extensive tours and opening slots with the likes of The Secret Sisters, Sturgill Simpson and Lucinda Williams, Danni, her powerful, arresting voice and her dynamically poetic original songs are ever-gaining presence and reach.

Danni is currently based in Nashville, TN where she has recorded three critically acclaimed albums and is working on her fourth. 

“I absolutely love the elegance and beauty of her music”
Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2
“Smoky soul, folk-pop and heart-wrenching alt-country"
Q Magazine
“Sumptuous…a warm wry line in confessional songwriting”


Hotel Giles, Comfort, Texas

Nearest airports: San Antonio or Austin


Over 140 years of boutique hospitality and history


Located in the heart of historic downtown Comfort Texas


Perfect home base for the Talent Is Timeless members

The Experience

Designed exclusively for Talent is Timeless songwriters, this retreat promises an unparalleled experience of creativity, collaboration, and growth. Against the backdrop of the historic Hotel Giles in Comfort, Texas, participants will have the opportunity to tap into their artistic potential and elevate their songwriting skills under Danni’s expert guidance. With tailored workshops, intimate jam sessions, and personalized feedback, songwriters will discover new depths in their craft and forge meaningful connections within the Talent is Timeless community. 


This unique retreat will take place at Hotel Giles in Comfort, Texas—a historic Hill Country haven with over 140 years of hospitality and charm. Nestled in downtown Comfort, Hotel Giles offers well-appointed guest accommodations, a courtyard, gazebo, porch, and decks for relaxation, ensuring a tranquil retreat experience. Enjoy a blend of history and modern comfort in the heart of the charming town.


Participants can book tutoring fees directly with us and secure their stay separately with the hotel. The retreat spans six days, featuring a special 'picking circle' on the final night to connect with local Texans through music. Hotel Giles, known for its boutique and artsy ambiance, has previously hosted retreats, and we're thrilled to partner with this historic American gem.


Travel arrangements are convenient, with collection options from San Antonio Airport or Austin. Upon reserving your spot with the deposit and email confirmation, participants will receive a special code to choose and reserve their room within the Talent is Timeless group. Exclusive food and beverage packages, including a hot breakfast every day, on-site meals, and local dining experiences, complete this immersive retreat.

Booking Process

  1. Secure your place with the deposit
  2. Wait for email confirmation we have reached our minumum booking quantity (10)
  3. When invited via email with a code for our retreat, book with Hotel Giles choosing a room tier and quantity of beverage packages.
  4. Complete your booking with talent is timeless before June 9th which will be the full fee less the deposit paid

The Fee

Retreat Package – $1200 / £950 

Accomodation & Food & Beverage Packages to be booked separately with Hotel Giles

Fees directly support both Talent Is Timeless, and our talented tutors. We are grateful for every booking.

Join The Retreat

Book Now

Show your interest and secure your place now with a fully refundable deposit

Placing a deposit secures your place on this retreat and is fully refundable up to June 8th 2024. Full fees will be due by June 9th 2024. Deposits are deducted from the full fee. Booking with Hotel Giles is to be arranged seperately.

Fees Explained

Talent Is Timeless

Full Fee $1200 / £950* Includes: Tutor & Facilities Fee

Hotel Giles

Hotel Giles have three tiers of pricing for their rooms and suites according to size and amenities

Room Tiers

Tier 1: $141 ($705 total) 5 x places, Tier 2: $155 ($775 total) 5 x places, Tier 3: $203 ($1065 total) 2 x places,

Food & Beverage

When booking your room with the hotel, you will be able to purchase a food and beverage package for $109 including a welcome dinner on arrival, and closing dinner on the final night.

Estimated totals per person including Talent Is Timeless retreat package, Hotel Giles accommodation, facilities fee, gratuity, maintanence charge, food and beverage package and 6% hotel tax: Tier 1: $2,116 / £1,673 , Tier 2: $2,190.50 / £1,732.53, Tier 3: $2,497.90 / £1,975.66*

*These estimates are to provide an indication only and are subject to varying currency exchange rates and the details of individuals booking with Hotel Giles.

Join The Retreat

Settle Your Remaining Balance

If you’ve secured your place with a deposit, here’s where you can settle your remaining balance for the retreat.

Settling your remaining balance is fully refundable up to June 8th 2024. Booking with Hotel Giles is to be arranged seperately.


The Talent is Timeless Songwriting Retreat is an immersive experience designed for songwriters of all levels. Led by renowned musician Danni Nichols, this retreat offers a unique blend of mentorship, creativity, and community in the picturesque setting of Comfort, Texas.

The retreat will take place from September 9th to 14th at Hotel Giles in Comfort, Texas. Nestled in the heart of the historic Hill Country, Hotel Giles provides a charming backdrop for a transformative musical experience.

The retreat package includes access to all retreat activities and sessions led by Danni Smith at Hotel Giles between Sept 9th and 14th including, songwriters circle, 8 songwriting workshop sessions and a ‘picking circle’ on the final night.

The food and beverage packge is $109 per person and includes a welcome dinner on arrival on the 9th and final dinner on the evening of the 13th. Lunch and dinner throughout the retreat will be handled seperately at restaurants and diners to ensure that participants get to experience the local cuisine and the hot breakfast is provided for hotel residents. All dietary requirements can be catered for, with advance notice.

  • The total hotel cost including all additional fees and charges (except food and beverage package) varies based on the tier of accommodation but is approximately:
    • Tier 1: £645 / $884
    • Tier 2: £705 / $964.2
    • Tier 3: £931 / $1271.64
  • Additionally, there is a Talent is Timeless retreat package fee of £950 / $1200.
  • To secure your spot, you’ll need to pay a deposit of £75 / $100 (USD) now. Upon invitation via email participants can book rooms directly through the Hotel Giles website using the provided Talent is Timeless code, or by contacting the hotel via email or phone.

If we receive a minimum of 10 bookings, we’ll reserve the entire hotel exclusively for Talent is Timeless participants. If the minimum booking requirement is not met, the retreat will be postponed, and deposits will be refunded.

  • Yes, airport transfers can be arranged upon request. Please contact us for more information.
  • Participants can pay Talent Is Timeless in either GBP or USD. However, please note that Hotel Giles only accepts USD for bookings. Credit or debit cards and transfers are accepted.
  • Despoits need to be placed by March 20th to determine if we have enough guests to go ahead.
  • Full fees are due by June 9th and deposits are fully refundable up until June 8th
  • All rooms have a queen size bed and couples are welcome to share. They will need to purchase two food and beverage packages from the hotel and make two Talent Is Timeless bookings, but only one room booking.
  • That’s great! All you will need to do is book your place on the retreat with Talent Is Timeless and arrange a food and beverage package with the hotel.
  • A group dedicated to this retreat will be created on the website and a whatsapp group set up so members can coordinate travel, share updates and keep in touch before, during and after the retreat experience!
  • For any further inquiries or assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We’re here to help!