Our Mission

Talent Is Timeless
Mini Documentary

Inaugural year 2020-2021

Our Mission

To connect and inspire songwriters age 50+ across the globe.

Our Story

Talent is Timeless is on a mission to transform songwriting and music-making into an age-positive endeavour, setting you up to celebrate your age, wisdom, experience and most of all, talent. 

By supporting our members, we support change and create a chance to change perspective while raising awareness for the cause, and essentially, trailblazing for the arts at a particularly challenging time. 

By shining a light on a 50+ years only stage, we are focusing on promoting acoustic music makers, pairing you with one in a lifetime prizes, world-renowned celebrity judges and unlocking industry opportunities that may have felt a past lifetime away. 

We set up an age-positive songwriting competition both to highlight a certain amount of age discrimination that’s present in the media and to encourage people to begin their careers in the music industry without feeling that age is a barrier.

Have you always dreamed of being on the stage?

Do you feel you’ve missed your calling?

Our Aims

  1. Promote creativity across the globe
  2. Foster connections between songwriters locally and internationally
  3. Nurture cross cultural collaboration and exchange
  4. Provide real world opportunities for artists over 50
  5. Enrich people’s talents with self paced educational content 

Saskia Griffiths-Moore

Message From The Founder

“The idea was born from years of touring and getting to know my fans. Many of them are highly talented musicians and passionate people who started playing music ‘late’ or didn’t take steps at the ‘right’ time. Many had a family, responsibilities, and the general feeling that they had ‘missed the boat’. Well, I started this competition and movement to prove all of those things wrong.

The lockdown only strengthened the feeling of wanting to reach out and to stay connected to our community of creative, talented, musical people and I realised that the time to do that is now. With our competitions and community forum we are sending a strong message to the world that we are all together in this, and in the words of one of our members “It’s never too late to be having the time of your life”.”