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Hall Of Fame

Monthly Songwriting Challenge Winners Interviews

Here we talk to Talent Is Timeless members who have won one of our monthly songwriting challenges on Facebook or in the membership site. The monthly challenge winners are decided by popular vote, and it’s been great fun to get to know our real members!

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And enjoy getting to know our winning songwriters!

2023 Winners

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Rebecca Richards & Chris Penney

This week we talk to Rebecca Richards, multiple winner of the monthly challenges and Chris Penney who jointly won the January challenge to write a song on the theme of love.

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Suzanne Harper & Ian Ball

The March ‘Country’ challenge was won by Suzanne Harper’s ‘I wouldn’t mind’ and in second place was Ian Ball’s ‘Wrong From Right’ song! Here we chat to both of them about their songs and about next month’s challenge.

2022 Winners

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Kris King #WildChallenge Oct '22

Join founder Saskia Griffiths-Moore in talking to member Kris King about her songwriting process and her winning song for this month’s challenge.

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Tracy Dillon #BrocksandMortar Challenge Nov '22

Let’s meet and congratulate member Tracy Dillon on winning the #Bricksandmortar songwriting challenge last month and find out a bit more about her musical journey.

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Alan White & Steve Strawhead #RespectfulRantChallenge

We talk to joint winners Alan White & Steve Strawhead about their winning songs: ‘Lips Like Trout’ and ‘Anniversary Song’ written for the #Respectful Rant Challenge August ’22.

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Suzanne Harper, Cath Harney & Rebecca Richards #DeparturesandArrivals

Jointly winning the departures and arrivals challenge members Suzanne Harper, Cath Harney and Rebecca Richards talk about their winning songs and what they’ve been up to with their music over the last few months!

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Ian Sacks #PlacesChallenge

Catch up with monthly winner Ian Sacks (Ian is actually pronounced eye-an, like Br-ian as I found out later) as we talk about his love of parody songwriting and his outdoorsy lifestyle in Vale, USA.

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Julie Meikle #RegretChallenge

Congratulations to Julie Meikle on winning the July 2022 challenge on the theme of ‘Regret’ with her song ‘Time, If Only’. We catch up about her thoughts behind the lyrics, her songwriting process and even get a few tips about her video production.

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Alan White #PassagesChallenge

An intro to the March winner of the ‘Passages’ challenge Alan White. We find out what he hopes for with his songwriting and what he feels makes Talent Is Timeless such a special community.

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Suzanne Harper #ProcrastinationChallenge

Let’s meet UK member Suzanne Harper, winner of the #ProcrastinationChallenge in May 2022 to find out about her journey rediscovering her creativity and letting it bloom.

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Heather Curry, Julie Meikle & Mel Reeves #Resolutionschallenge

This month we talk to our first every joint winners of one of our monthly songwriting challenges! Get to know our lovely Talent Is Timeless members Heather Curry, Julie Meikle and Mel Reeves.

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Charlotte Seawell #ReflectionsChallenge

February winner 2022 of the ‘reflections’ challenge Char Seawell talks to us from Seattle about her life in music and what her future plans are.

2021 Winners

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Trudi Brunskill #ThresholdChallenge

From Trudi Brunskill’s kitchen table in North Yorkshire, which has become famous to us Talent Is Timeless memes as we follow her prolific songwriting journey that lead her to being one of our monthly winners.

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Hugh Blaza #ThresholdChallenge

This month we go to Oxfordshire to chat to double winner Hugh Blaza about about music, songwriting and life in general. He even reads to us directly from his lyric book!

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Cath Harney #ConflictedChallenge

Monthly winner Cath Harney talks to founder Saskia Griffiths-Moore about her song ‘Head Full Of Hope’ and how the concept of a 30 word song helped her to write this song and win the challenge.

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Rebecca Richards #LastTrainChallenge

This month we chat to December challenge winner Rebecca Richards who tells us about how she started recording and writing during the lockdown with her friend and what she’s hoping for with her music.

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Steve Strawhead #ReleaseChallenge

Monthly winner Steve Strawhead talks about the song he wrote for his son age 17 full of optimism and support, and what he hopes for for the future of his music.

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Nicky Haxby #ColourChallenge

Joining us from Lincolnshire, Nicky Haxby talks to founder Saskia Griffiths-Moore about her winning song, busking for charity and how songwriters have the magical ability to reframe life’s events for the better.