A Day of Music Magic: Marty Tohill’s Prize Delivery at Fieldgate Studio

From Saskia’s Perspective

Today was an extraordinary day for Talent Is Timeless. It marked the fulfillment of a promise and the celebration of talent, as I had the pleasure of delivering a long-awaited prize to Marty Tohill, the UK’s 2023 Talent Is Timeless free songwriting competition winner.

I started the day by picking up Marty from Cardiff Airport, where he had flown in from Belfast, Northern Ireland. The excitement was palpable as we embarked on our journey to Fieldgate Studio, a hidden gem nestled just 10 minutes south of Cardiff, in Penarth, Wales. This studio, owned by the immensely talented Andrew Lawson, is a haven for those who appreciate vintage acoustic recording equipment and a fantastic space for audio and video production.

For me, Fieldgate Studio holds a special place in my heart. Back in the day, when I was passionately building my music career, I frequented this studio every month. It was here that I created top-quality cover song videos in my quest to connect with a wider audience through music. Andrew’s studio was nothing short of a palace to me, a place where music and creativity thrived.

Upon our arrival, we took our time setting up, ensuring that every detail was just right for this special recording session. I brought along a selection of guitars, including my trusty Fender Telecaster and an Atkin guitar on loan from our newest partner, Atkin Guitars. Marty, after trying them all, found his perfect match in the Atkin guitar, which he used for every song.

Marty’s talent and professionalism were evident from the start. In the studio, he recorded six tracks, including his winning song, ‘What You Wanted.’ To my surprise and delight, Marty invited me to lend my voice as a backing vocalist on a few tracks. We even filmed a video during the session, capturing the magic of the moment.

One thing that warmed my heart was discovering that Marty entered the Talent Is Timeless competition because of his friend, David McCann, a founding member of our community. It’s these connections and shared passions that make Talent Is Timeless so special.

As the day wound down, we shared wonderful conversations among ourselves, reflecting on music, life, and the journey that brought us all together. Finally, I dropped Marty back off at Bristol Airport, knowing that this was a day neither of us would ever forget. Marty Tohill, our gifted UK winner, proved to be a one-take wonder, and his music resonated with all of us in the studio. Collaborating with him was an absolute delight.

Now, we eagerly await the fruits of our labor at Fieldgate Studio. The videos and recordings from this memorable day will soon be unveiled to the world, and it will be up to Marty to decide when the time is right.

Today was not just about delivering a prize; it was about celebrating the enduring power of music, the bonds we create through shared passions, and the joy of creating something beautiful together. It was a day filled with music magic, and I can’t wait to share the results with all of you.

Stay tuned for Marty’s incredible videos and recordings. They’re coming soon, and they’re bound to leave you inspired and uplifted.

A Day of Music Magic: Marty Tohill’s Prize Delivery at Fieldgate Studio




  1. Inspiring, informative, worthwhile read about Marty’s path to his TisT prize! Cool for me to have been a part of his winning song, too, with my entry “Better Days” by way of six-degrees-of-songwriting-separation as the third link in TisT’s Sept ’23 first-ever song chain that had his “What You Wanted” tune as our base song. Thanks for keeping us in the know about such TisT artists, Saskia!