Atkin Guitars Joins the Talent Is Timeless Family!

Hey there, awesome Talent Is Timeless community! We’ve got some groovy news to share, and we couldn’t wait to spill the beans. ?

We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome Atkin Guitars to our Talent Is Timeless family! ? For those of you who aren’t acquainted with these fantastic folks, let us fill you in.

Atkin Guitars: Where Music Meets Craftsmanship

Atkin Guitars, born in the charming city of Canterbury, England, back in 1995, is more than just your run-of-the-mill guitar maker. They’re the artisans behind those sweet, sweet melodies that you’ve probably heard but might not have realized and are played by: Paul McCartney, Dolly Parton, Ed Sheeran, Chris Difford, Boo Hewerdine, Brooks Williams and many more.

Now a team of seven passionate souls, they handcraft around 350 guitars every year. But what sets them apart? It’s their relentless pursuit of crafting instruments that aren’t just perfect in the clinical sense but instruments that pulse with soul, character, and inspiration.

Talent Is Timeless: Where Artists Find Their Groove

You know us – we’re all about celebrating artistic experience and creativity without being bound by age. Our founder, Saskia Griffiths-Moore, started this vibrant community to provide a space where musicians from all walks of life can connect, collaborate, and groove together on their artistic journeys.

When Craftsmanship Meets Artistry

So, what happens when these two worlds collide? Magic, my friends, pure musical magic. Atkin Guitars is now adding their incredible instruments to the musical experiences of Talent Is Timeless members.

In recent recording sessions, Atkin Guitars stepped into the spotlight. Tanya Walker, our 2023 Free Songwriting Global Winner, recorded her masterpiece “Good Days & Bad Days” at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, and guess what she played? Yep, an Atkin Guitar!

? Aeron Z Jones, who played the guitar at Abbey Road, shared, “I’ve played hundreds of guitars over many years, but to be handed an unfamiliar one at the beginning of a recording session can be daunting. The moment I picked up the Atkin I was struck by the smoothness of the low-end.”

And hold onto your hat, because our UK 2023 Free Songwriting Competition Winner, Marty Tohill, had the pleasure of using an Atkin Guitar during his recording sessions at Fieldgate Studios in Wales. ?

? And Marty Tohill, after falling in love with the guitar, said, “It took me less than 30 seconds to fall in love with this guitar. One of my songs required a capo on the seventh fret with an open D tuning, and I have found this problematic with my other guitars. Not the case with this Atkins guitar.”

So there you have it, folks! The joining of Talent Is Timeless and Atkin Guitars is a match made in musical heaven, and we can’t wait to see what groovy tunes our talented members create with these fantastic instruments.

Got any questions or just want to chat about music? You know where to find us. ?

Rock on, Talent Is Timeless crew! ?

Images: Saskia Griffiths-Moore at Abbey Road Studios playing the Atkin, Aeron Z Jones recording with it at Abbey Road, and Marty Tohill at Fieldgate Studios with Atkin Guitars

Atkin Guitars Joins the Talent Is Timeless Family!




  1. Quite a marriage–Atkin Guitars and TisT! Cool learning, too, that @tanyaw used such a guitar on her recent “Good Days & Bad Days” recording session at ARS. I had thought her piece would be played on piano. Was there a change, or is all with a mix of piano and guitar play by Tanya?

  2. Hi @Chris_
    My main instrument is the the piano. I originally wrote the guitar to write the song but for the abbey rd recording the song was piano driven with fabulous support from Saskia’s musicians one of whom was Aeron Z.Jones who played guitar wonderfully and it sounded gorgeous – So just goes to show must be a good brand! ?

      1. Best of both music instrument worlds, @tanyaw ! Cool that you originally wrote the song on guitar. Sounds like it’d be an awesome unplugged version of sorts, so to say, should you ever get the chance to guitar-play it for people on TV, like on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show.”

    1. Leave it to Saskia to surround your TisT debut recording with some great accompanying musicians, @tanyaw , and an Atkin guitar in Aeron’s hands to bring about an even fuller, complete storytelling sound for your tender, powerful, and meaningful piano-playing song. ???