A Timeless Day at Abbey Road Studios: Tanya Walker’s Musical Triumph

Talent Is Timeless Takes 2023 Global Songwriting Competition Winner Tanya Walker to Iconic Abbey Road Studios

London, October 2, 2023 – Talent Is Timeless, the trailblazing platform dedicated to celebrating the remarkable talents of artists over 50, has achieved another milestone by bringing the 2023 Global Talent Is Timeless free songwriting competition winner, Tanya Walker, to the legendary Abbey Road Studios to record her winning track, “Good Days & Bad Days.”

The journey of this remarkable musical odyssey began with a pre-recording band rehearsal in Notting Hill, near the iconic Portobello Road. This initial gathering allowed everyone involved to connect and, more importantly, enabled Tanya Walker to breathe life into her song, ensuring that it would be realized precisely as she had envisioned.

A memorable evening awaited the team as they headed into Soho, where they mingled with the “Music Moguls” at an exclusive, invite-only music networking event hosted by Jay Mistry of JAM Records London. It was an evening of camaraderie and shared passion for music, enjoyed over a few drinks.

Documenting this entire once-in-a-lifetime experience was a talented three-person crew from Tantrwm Media hailing from Wales. Stay tuned for the captivating videos they will craft from this extraordinary journey.

On the day of the recording at Abbey Road Studios, the production team convened for an early coffee in St. John’s Wood before embarking on the short walk to the studio. Spirits were high as they checked into reception and prepared for an unforgettable day.

The day kicked off with an exciting photoshoot featuring Tanya Walker, captured by the talented Rupert Hitchcox. The photoshoot included a recreation of the iconic Beatles crossing photo outside the studio, immortalizing this momentous occasion. The team gathered on the studio steps for various photoshoots, capturing the excitement and anticipation in the air.

Once inside the studio, Tanya Walker and the band embarked on the creative journey of recording a predominantly live take of “Good Days & Bad Days.” Their dedication to maintaining the intensity and magic of a live performance was evident as they boldly recorded the song without the aid of a click track, relying on their collective synergy to let the music ebb and flow with natural passion.

Following a brief lunch break, Atkin Guitars generously delivered one of their exceptional instruments to the studio. Guitarist Aeron Z Jones wasted no time incorporating it into the track, adding a unique and memorable dimension to the recording.

The team was visited by photographer Allan McKay, who captured candid moments on the steps and inside the studio, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process. Musicians took a well-deserved break in the cafeteria, toasting to the day’s achievements.

Abbey Road Studios buzzed with activity that day, with 150 Brazilian recorder players and a Universal Music Group tech team celebration in progress. The building reverberated with music and party vibes, setting the stage for an unforgettable atmosphere.

As the day progressed, the team remained hard at work, recording backing vocals and meticulously fine-tuning the piece. At 7:45 pm, they gathered in the studio for a final listen. The resulting track was nothing short of extraordinary—moving, raw, passionate, dynamic, and touching.

Tanya Walker proved herself a consummate professional throughout the entire process. Her extensive studio and on-camera experience shone through during documentary interviews, where she articulated her experience on this momentous day with poise and clarity. Her talent is undeniable, and it was a pleasure to collaborate with her.

Cooper Lower’s fretless bass and Craig Sellars’ drums contributed significantly to the track’s richness. Kris Gorski, who flew in from Poland to produce Tanya in person, was joined by his wife, Jola. Kris and Jola are responsible for running Talent Is Timeless music production retreats in Poland, making their presence at this London event all the more meaningful.

As the journey continues, Tantrwm Media, Kris Gorski, and JAM Records will oversee the production and release of the track. Talent Is Timeless is honored to have shared such an incredible day with the winner of our Free Songwriting Competition for artists over 50, proving once again that songwriters over 50 possess just as much, if not more, talent than their younger counterparts.

Stay tuned for the release of “Good Days & Bad Days,” a testament to the enduring power of talent and the magic that happens when artists come together to create timeless music.

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A Timeless Day at Abbey Road Studios: Tanya Walker’s Musical Triumph




  1. Wow! Just short of being there, this behind-the-scenes article puts everyone in the front row of TisT history being made with its 2023 global songwriting winner Tanya Walker at the legendary Abbey Road Studios recording her phenomenally-universal, tender, revealing, and comforting “Good Days & Bad Day’s” song! #awesome