2023 Competition

2023 Annual Competition

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This page will be updated with the Long List, the Short List and eventually, the Winners list!

🌟 2023 Talent Is Timeless Competition Winners 🌟

Here are the winners of the Talent Is Timeless 2023 competition:

  1. Marty Tohill (UK) – Song: “What You Wanted”
  2. James Neilson Graham (EU) – Song: “Plan B”
  3. Donna Valentine (USA) – Song: “I Won’t Cry”
  4. Ruth Manning (Canada) – Song: “Tennessee Calling”
  5. Julie Meikle (Members’ Choice Award) – Song: “Time, If Only”
  6. Tanya Walker (Global Winner) – Song: “Good Days Bad Days”

Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding contributions and inspiring talent!


See pictures from the awards event: https://www.talentistimeless.com/gallery/ 

🌟 Talent Is Timeless Competition: Short List Announcement 🌟

We are thrilled to announce the top 25 songs that have made it to the shortlist of this year’s competition! These incredible songs were carefully selected from thousands of submissions, showcasing the extraordinary talent and creativity of our songwriting community. Each composition represents a unique expression of musical artistry, with captivating melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and emotive performances. The celebrity judges are now deliberating on the songs themselves and we will be able to announce the winners in mid June.

*We have contacted everyone directly via email about whether their entry has made it to the short list or not, but we know that not all emails reach everyone. Please spread the word among member that this list here is the only official list and if anyone is unsure they should check with the list below.

2023 Short List

Top 25 entries

First NameSurnameArtist NameSong Name
James NeilsonGraham Plan B
MartinTohillMarty TohillWhat You Wanted
LaurieKerr Rainbow Coloured hair
MichaelChessmanMichael Charles Chessman aka – Grand Daddy Cool07:19
NickLewis Blue Water
DonnaValentine I Won’t Cry
DominicCraneDominic CraneRunaway Clothes
ErnieArroyoErnie TunesBig City Insanity
AndyWilkinson Keyboard Warrior
JulieMeikleJulie AnneTime, If Only
juliekleinjoules rioDon’t Push Me
KathiCopansKATHI FRANSmile
BobbySyvarthBobby SyvarthI Like
Twinkle SchascleYochimTwinkle and Rock Soul RadioThe Resistance
J.ChambersJ. ChambersEpilogue
CatherineHiesiger Giving Up Your Ghost
Levester S Chambliss Sam (Mister C) ChamblissAll is Fair in Love
TanyaWalkerTanya WalkerGood days, bad days
KathyBabylonKathy BabylonWhen Words Are No Longer Enough
GregThomasHelm DeVegasSuperheroes
RickRyan One Kind Word
DougAnthoney Dolls in the Wendy house
RickChristierick christieI’ll never get over you
RuthManning Tennessee Calling

🌟 Talent Is Timeless Competition: Long List Announcement 🌟

We are excited to reveal the official long list for the Talent Is Timeless competition! Out of 3150 entries, these songs are now being considered for the coveted short list and a chance to win exciting prizes. Every submission was a beautiful and worthwhile creation, and we are grateful to all who participated. Stay tuned as we unveil the short list in the coming weeks. Thank you for being part of the Talent Is Timeless family!

We have contacted everyone directly via email about whether their entry has made it to the long list or not, but we know that not all emails reach everyone. Please spread the word among member that this list here is the only official list and if anyone is unsure they should check with the list below.

2023 Long List

Top 150 entries

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Name Surname Artist Name Song Name
Dan Lewis Dan Lewis SURRENDER
Dan Jones N/A The Ballad of Dai and Nansi
Jerry Galanti Jerry Galanti Fairytale Ball
Daniel Boling Daniel Boling Ever Since I Woke
Patrick Lawrence Detroit Tourist Board The Tallest Men of All
David Hanners David Hanners There Are No Secrets in This Town
Doug Kolmar N/A So Said Life
David Muise N/A Wandering Rover
Lynetta Welch Lynetta Welch Vintage Dress
Debbie Jeffery N/A And She Paints Them All
Mark Alexander Mark Steven Alexander Best of Both Worlds
Marlee Walchuk N/A Led Me To You
Martin Tohill Marty Tohill What You Wanted
Maurice Ferris Curt Ryle Perfect for me
Derek Chamberlain Coracle Joe Moment
michael carpenter Carpenter Alabamas Gone
Michael Chessman Michael Charles Chessman  aka – Grand Daddy Cool 07:19
Alexander McIntosh N/A Living a Lie
Mark Leen Mark Leen Fly Home for Christmas
Mark Turney Mark Turney Pulse Of My Heart
Marlene Galloway Marlene Clarke The Truth
Martin Hall-Kenny Martin John Where Are You Now?
Matthew Macer-Wright Talmorney Caravans
Matthew Borr Matthew Borr Shine
Ryc Ward N/A The People Song
Liz Graham Liz Graham A Little Bit More
Sandy Reay N/A You Are the Road
Richard Hawes The Langton Project Man About Town
Laurie Kerr N/A Rainbow Coloured hair
Ray Addis N/A One More Tear
Rob Blankenhorn Puck Angel and the Wingmen In the Clouds
Bobby Syvarth Bobby Syvarth I Like
Brent Malnack Novel Romance Tell Me
Bob Robira Bob and Sam (Whitmire) Co-write Dance with me
Jon Mr Brother Jon Long Road To Memphis
Bryan D. brown Bryan D. Brown Train Rollin’ Home
Joanne Calabrese Joanne Calabrese Lost In America
Clive De Vries N/A Raindance
Catherine Pestano Poacher’s Granddaughter Tender Companion
Catherine Hiesiger N/A Giving Up Your Ghost
Sam Chambliss Sam (Mister C) Chambliss All is Fair in Love
Chip Folk N/A You, the world, and me
Emma Kirkbride Emma Gale My Time Is Coming
Christina Cantalini N/A Welcome Back
David Guy David Guy We Will
Emma Gatsby Emma Gatsby vs The World So Many Nice Things
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller Everyman
Chris Penney Chris Penney Make Me Your Monster
John Lee John Lee Rainy Blue Eyes
Josee brault Josee Brault Like Nobody Else
Chris Chris Huffine N/A “La Di Da”
Cedric Jefferson CJAM I Didn’t Mean To Do It
John Clampin John Clampin Summer Song
Colin Smith Youngson Autumn Falls
Paul Pedersen Jr Paul Evans Pedersen, Jr. IN THE PINE BARRENS NIGHT
Jeanette Danner JD Danner Almost Home
John Clements N/A Empty Nest
John Crook N/A Two Years Down The Line
john hailey jonny hailey Grave new world
Johnny Higbee Johnny Higbee Save The Whales
john macevilly john macevilly Be the Spark
Johnny Zawacki Johnny Z Depending On You
Mitchal Stutes Jonathan Stars Believe
julie klein joules rio Don’t Push Me
Kathi Copans KATHI FRAN Smile
James (JT) Taylor JT Taylor Dream Come True
Julie Meikle Julie Anne Time, If Only
John Vera N/A A Song For You
Karen Thornton N/A Unified
Kathy Babylon Kathy Babylon When Words Are No Longer Enough
Ken Stone N/A The Best Christmas Morning
John Eyre John Eyre fly like a bird
John Ahlskog Too Fat To Be A Butterfly Sometimes
Jon Strong N/A The Neon Disease
Josh Weil Josh Weil You’re still here
Joseph Hosey josephhosey The devil I know
Greg Thomas Helm DeVegas Superheroes
Jeffrey Jeff Jeffrey R Bailey She’s Not Easy
Hollie Olson N/A Last Day on Earth
John Perkins John Perkins Breathless
John O’Connell John O’Connell I’ll Sail Away
James Taylor James Taylor It’s Only You
Nick Harris Nick and Jane In the Lazy Rain
Nigel Moden N/A Say it like we mean it
Rick Ryan N/A One Kind Word
Rick Christie rick christie I’ll never get over you
James Stanley James Lee Stanley the carnival
Peter Conner Peter Conner I Wish I Could Dance
Niall Brennan Niall Brennan There Are No Words
Nick Lewis N/A Blue Water
Norman Kerner Norman Kerner New Orleans
Noel Bridgeman N/A Arrows and bow
Randy Brown Randy Brown What You See
Paul King N/A See
Sherre Birenbaum Dusty James & Abalone Pearl Here You See Me Standin’
Simon Morecroft N/A Shadow Show
Steve Daniels N/A The English Rain (Comes Falling Down)
David Glasson Dave Glasson The Christmas Pine
Niceol Blue Niceol Blue Patron Saint of the Broken Hearted
stephen druce stevie druce superstar
Trina Langthorne Trina Langthorne I won’t say
Gary Beard Gary NOT TODAY
Ernie Arroyo Ernie Tunes Big City Insanity
Mike Latschislaw Chum Claims
Mike Kaufman Mike Kaufman G Capo 4
Mags Heffernan N/A I Am Cocooning
Michelle Laverick N/A This time the darkness wins
Deanna Knight N/A Blessed to Witness
Donna Valentine N/A I Won’t Cry
Rebecca Richards Rebecca Richards Memories don’t know
Robert Boylan Bert Boleyn Sleepyhead
robert stoppenbach the tonellis Life in a Day
Kevin Jones Kevin Jones Beauty’s Last Mistake
Tanya Walker Tanya Walker Good days, bad days
Twinkle Schascle Yochim Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio The Resistance
RON LIGGETT N/A When the Grid Goes Down
J. Chambers J. Chambers Epilogue
James Neilson Graham N/A Plan B
David Davis Spig Davis Just Because they have their blinker on
Ross Fagg James Ross Kryptonite
Keith Eckert N/A Cover My Eyes
Ruth Manning N/A Tennessee Calling
Sam Scott Scott Sam Scott Always , Forever
Siy Pearce Spear Find me
Steve Jones Steve Jones Lost Generation
Sally Townes Sally Fox Not Your Wonder Woman
Andy Jenkins Andy Jenkins Faith
Alister Said Alister Said DON’T STOP
Andrew Lorand Puppets Of Castro Living The Dream
Andrew Small Andy Small Vencejo
Dominic Crane Dominic Crane Runaway Clothes
PAUL Hulm Paul Hulm With a Smile and a Lie
phil ogg N/A a little snow
Andy Wilkinson N/A Keyboard Warrior
Anne Sandstrom Anne Sandstrom The Whites of Their Eyes
Annie Brown The Browns Forgive and Forget
Pete Arnett Pete Arnett Plenty of Time to be Lonely
Dom Lydon Lydon Dom Lydon My Old Me
Dorian Medd Medd & Shaw So Much To Answer For
Doug Anthoney N/A Dolls in the Wendy house
Pete Aves N/A Blues For Bob And Cliff
Peter Chess N/A Secrets
Andrew Crawford Pom Guitarist Curtain Call
Jason King N/A You Said, She Said