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We'll Welcome Back the Sun

by Cath Harney

On the 21st day of December, the darkest day of the year

We light up our yule fire and keep a warm glow

We welcome all those who draw near.

Come take off your wet and tattered jacket

Wrap up in a blanket that's warm

Tell us your story, and where you are bound

Some food for your tellin' will be found


We'll dance and we'll sing on this beautiful night

To welcome the sun

We'll dance and we'll sing, feel the warmth of the fire,

We'll welcome back the sun, we'll welcome back the sun


The family has gathered for the feast now

Our friends and the wanderer too

We give thanks for the harvest that feeds us this day

We give thanks for the coming light anew

We gathered up the mistletoe and holly

Together wreaths and garlands we've made

They bring us good cheer at this dark time of year

The firelight just like the sun ablaze



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