Create & Release Journey

July - Oct 2024

Discover Your Music's Potential: Join Our Create and Release Journey

Welcome to the “Create and Release Journey” at Talent Is Timeless, an empowering five-month program designed to guide songwriters from around the globe through the exciting process of releasing their music professionally. This comprehensive journey is delivered online across various time zones, allowing you to participate from anywhere in the world.

This course isn’t just about learning; it’s about doing, with a strong emphasis on community and accountability.

All songs deserve to be heard. There is an audience for every song.

Who Is This For?

Members who have released music before but seek structured support to do it again & update their knowledge.

Members who have never released a track professionally and who are eager to learn the process.

Community & Support

One of the most cherished aspects of our program is the community. As you progress through the course, you’ll build relationships with fellow songwriters, benefiting from mutual support and shared experiences.

The friendships and networks formed here continue to thrive long after the course concludes.

Course Dates & Details


  • Kickoff and Monthly Group Sessions: Held on select Sundays, with initial and monthly meetings to set goals and review progress.
    • UK Times: 7-8 PM
    • ET: 2-3 PM
    • PT: 11 AM – 12 PM

    Month 1: Define Your Path

    Objective: Define your success and identify your unfair advantage.
    Activities: Create a detailed roadmap for your release; set clear, actionable goals.

    Month 2: Showcase Your Story

    Objective: Establish your artist identity and online presence.
    Activities: Develop and refine your artist website, bio, social media profiles, and mailing list setup.

    Month 3: Plan Your Event

    Objective: Organize the logistics of your music release.
    Activities: Write and distribute a press release, create a comprehensive media list, and develop a social media strategy and content calendar.

    Month 4: Professional Presentation

    Objective: Ensure all technical and professional standards are met.
    Activities: Finalize artwork, secure ISRCs, register with a PRO, distribute your music digitally, and send your EPK to media contacts. Consider partnerships with PR companies.

    Month 5: Launch and Grow

    Objective: Release your music and engage with your audience.
    Activities: Officially launch your track, host a release celebration, connect with fans, and evaluate your goals post-release. Focus on awards, PR opportunities, and creating a checklist for future releases.
    Each month builds on the last, ensuring participants not only learn but apply each step in real-time with the support of their peers and mentors, making music release achievable and successful.

  • Content Release Dates: New modules released periodically to guide your next steps without overwhelming.

  • Final Celebration: Share your release with the community in a celebratory session!


Saturday, July 6 (live):Live kick-off session via zoom. Accountability groups formed, first month’s classes and homework launched on the site.
Saturday, July 13 (live):First live group session with Saskia explaining this month’s work, taking Q&A.
Sunday, July 21:Second set of classes are made live on the website.
Saturday, August 3 (live):Second live group session with Saskia, including Q&A.
Sunday, August 18:Third set of classes are made live on the website.
Saturday, August 31 (live):Third live group session with Saskia, including Q&A.
Sunday, September 15:Fourth set of classes are made live on the website.
Saturday, September 28 (live):Fourth live group session with Saskia, including Q&A.
Sunday, October 13:Fifth and final set of classes are made live on the website.
Saturday, October 26 (live):Fifth and final live group session celebrating everyone’s song releases.

2 Tiers

Choose from two tailored tiers to match your needs and ambitions. Monthly plans available by request, please email [email protected] with the subject heading: Monthly Plan C&R.

Tier 1

Create & Release Course


  • Access to all course videos & exercises
  • Membership in exclusive course group
  • Monthly group meetings with Saskia
  • Accountability groups based on time zones
  • 1:1 monthly coaching sessions with Cooper Lower

Tier 2

All Inclusive Release Kit


  • Includes all benefits of the £749 tier
  • Website creation tailored to your music
  • Professional PR campaign for your release
  • Custom artwork for your single or album
  • Press release and bio crafted by professionals
  • Guaranteed radio play and Spotify streams

Why Join?

Every songwriter dreams of an audience; this course ensures your music reaches ears. Beyond teaching you the nuts and bolts of music release, we equip you with the know-how to avoid common industry pitfalls, ensuring you can confidently navigate the music scene or opt for professional services when necessary.

5 Steps To Releasing Music - Webinar Slides

If you attended the ‘5 Steps to Releasing Your Music’ Webinar with Saskia Griffiths-Moore, here are the slides to remind you: