“You were the Soundtrack of Our Life” by Murray Woodfield

You were the soundtrack of our life
It’s true
And looking back I should thank you

Your voice was the soundtrack on the night
When we
Pledged our love eternally

Oo Looking back on the good times
and through all the tears and strife,
You were the soundtrack of our life

You were the voice we chose when she
Was laid to rest
It was the song she’d always loved the best
So looking back I feel that I should say
Thank you for all our yesterdays.


  1. Thank you, Phil. I appreciate that.
    It’s one of those songs that unless you listen till the end you won’t get the meaning.
    I think people will tend to listen to the first verse and move on which is how we seem to operate more and more these days.
    Good luck always 🙂