You Just Missed The Boat

During a TisT zoom master-class the presenter revealed that it had taken him 15 years of hard touring, recording and self-promotion to reach 200 million streams. The old folk in the audience paused for mental arithmetic. Inspiration came to me at that moment “Honey, you just missed the boat by forty years”, sung by an imagined Dolly Parton, but only in my dreams – one of the themes in the stock-taking song, which ironically almost missed the TisT Country Song Challenge boat.

Alice lives next door. I watched her grow for twenty-four
Mini-skirt and high-heels, more alluring by the year
Daring to romance, I asked her for a dance.
She-said “Refusal may offend, so listen-here”

“You just missed the boat,
You just missed the boat,
Mourning on the quay-side, in a pool of heart-break tears
Don’t try to chase your boat
Well, you might sink, or you might float.
Honey, you just missed the boat by forty years.”

A package by the door – two thousand CDs, maybe more
Blood and sweat recording, while the world had turned
Alice said “You won’t sell any, you can stream ‘em for a penny.
I’m sorry, dear, it seems you have been burned ”

I bought a motor bike, I hoped Alice would like,
White hair and black leather, a timeless colour scheme.
I said “d’ya wanna ride, my motorcyckle waits outside?”
She said “old man, just keep that for your dreams”

I released my songs for free out on the cyber sea
Glory in the click and play statistics surely beckoned.
Two thousand lovely folk clicked on play, but it’s no joke,
They all moved on after just three seconds.

Seems I missed the boat /rpt: Glad I missed the boat
Seems I missed the boat
I have no need of sinkin’ and drinkin’ in the ocean
I’ll just catch a bus, the ocean waves are too much fuss,
And a sing-around can keep your songs in motion….

Glad I missed … Join a sing-around to keep your songs in motion