Wishful Drinking

A country song with no secondary dominant, augmented or sub-dominant minor chords! I called on my inner Don Williams for this one.


  1. I have a piano playing cat in my video but I would kill for a guitar playing rooster! As for the metronomic woodpecker – I am lost in admiration. Are the backing cows available as session singers? Oh….and I like the song too. A great idea to use the “time gone” theme.

  2. Everyone should channel their inner Don Williams; sadly I channel my inner Hank Williams! Classic country song from you Mel, when country was gentler and wasn’t populated by ‘Bro country’ poseurs. You mentioned with approval with one of my country songs a while back that I didn’t try and sing with a phoney American accent, and neither do you. Us Brits can’t fake it (no matter how hard Hank Wangford might try, bless him). Nice one, mate.

  3. This is wonderful! Some of the oldest country themes re-rendered so originally. Subtle humor and irony, perfectly executed. Is that your real name,
    or are Mel Tillis and Jim Reeves part of your muse?