White Hart Lane

Congratulations to Andy Smith in winning the challenge last month – I loved ‘Under Paris Skies’. And well done also in choosing a theme for this month which has really got me digging deep into my memory banks. This song tells the story of my first visit to White Hart Lane, home of Tottenham Hotspur, and takes the form of a conversation between my father and me. It is all more or less true – the nagging of my dad to take me, the endless questions before we went, the fact that I was surrounded by supporters much bigger than I was, and even the reference to ‘Jonesy’ (Cliff Jones) and ‘Smithy’ (Bobby Smith) and the spectacular overhead kick that I completely failed to see. Spurs did the double that season, but I’ve been consigned to a lifetime of disappointment ever since!


  1. This is great, really enjoyed the story of your first visit to White Hart Lane. Shame you didn’t see the goals but hope you did get a better view on your next visit 😃

  2. I am sure Harry Kane and his team mates would like your song. I like the way you adopt a deeper tone for your father and a higher, clearer tone for you as a boy in your light hearted song, rooted in happy memories of your first football match.

  3. You capture the bond between father & son so beautifully with the question-and-answer style of your lyrics and that catchy melody is now imprinted in brain for the day. Really enjoyed listening.

  4. Nice one Paul. I like the way you change the accompaniment to suit the question and answer sessions between you and your Dad. I was 10 when I got my first trip to Ninian Park to see the mighty Cardiff City beat Bristol City 5-1. I was hooked. Great song

  5. Thank you Paul. I always enjoy your stuff and you are one of on;ly 3 Tisters to feature on http://www.atkinsongs.co.uk.
    Your song brought back memories of my Dad taking me and younger brother Richard to our first Southampton game, I think I would have been 10 or 11. I don’t remember a pre-match pester such as you describe! As I recall in a song -”All it’s meant is discontent, occasional good cheer’. Not a lot of content at Spurs these days but things will improve I’m sure.

  6. I’m not a sporty type, but I got caught up in the lovely interplay between your relationship with your Dad and the budding relationship with your team. Excellent!! And lovely guitar as always.

  7. Really enjoyed the conversation which through it describes the events. I can just imagine you as a 9 year old asking your dad so many questions in excitement. My husband is a spurs supporter and we’ve to white heart lane a couple of times, the new stadium is seriously impressive!

  8. Coming from Aus, I’ve never quite understood the fervour around Football here, but I’m guessing that’s just because you’ve not discovered Aussie Rules 😊. Fantastic playing as always, great storytelling, and bang on theme!

  9. That’s great again Paul! Just love your lyrics- which isn’t to put your guitar playing and melodies in the shade. Great take on theme as many of us will have been captivated by a team in childhood – for better or worse!

  10. Rivals Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam Father and Son this but about football instead of political unrest and war. Your smiles and enthusiasm during delivery are great. Wish I could do that instead of frowning when I sing! Enjoyed this Paul.