Whisky At The Wheel

Got a slight head start this time from some old notes I had knocking around. The song is a sort of country-esque (ish) number about wheels, whisky and missing her man.


  1. I do need to work on diction! I am always falling foul of that. And I should spend more time mixing. More haste, less speed. Thanks for the feedback Dave, it is genuinely appreciated!

  2. A tear, a beer and a shot of whiskey is about as country as it gets. Unless I missed a lyric, you had two out a three. That should get you on the leader board right there. 🤠

  3. “Everybody gets on the whiskey after the sun goes down” really paints a vivid portrait of the world in which your character lives. Many killer turns of phrase and a melody with range and flow! Love it.