Wherever I Am

No need to vote for me, this is just to get the ball rolling, Here’s my arrangement of Philippa Atkin’s poem ‘Wherever I Am’ which she asked me to look at. It’s about daleswoman and farmer Hannah Hauxwell. There’s plenty of information about Hannah online so I’ll let you go and find her for yourself.
I’ve grown quite fond of her while setting Philippa’s words to music and putting this video montage together.
The words at the beginning are Hannah’s, taken from a Yorkshire TV programme. I used the graphic EQ built into in Audacity to remove as much background music as I could from her voice. Playing a few chords on the keyboard was a different direction for me, thankfully the DP24 desk has a cut and paste facility!


  1. “Cut and paste”? Oooooh , you´ll be in trouble! 😜 Lovely words and that sparse arrangement of chords works really well. Being creative with things like other voices (Hannah at the beginning) is what I love about recording. It sounds almost classical. Like something you kind of expect to find on an album of traditional songs. Lovely