Where The Wild Things Are

My entry for the TisT songwriting competition 2023. Thanks to Steve Chapman Smith at Spring Hill Studios Wilsden for his patience and for sharing his guitar skills.
Recorded at Spring Hill Studios and recorded, engineered and mastered by Steve Chapman Smith.


  1. This has the character of danceable swing tunes: the romantic lyrics flow easily with mostly optimism and a little caution (how I hear it). If you ever get the chance to set it with a full drum kit, a slightly more brisk tempo, and a rockabilly guitar break here and there, you’d have people on the floor!

  2. I really love the sentiment and particularly the verses and the way the chorus comes back into the guitar riff. It’s good to read the lyric on the video,too. See you on the Wild Side, Pam! I’ll bring my dancing shoes.

  3. Well done Pam 😉 Lovely dark jazzy mood to this. Great vocal and terrific accompaniment. Love the way your (great) lyrics roll away like the Star Wars opening credits! Best of luck to ya 😉