Where The Rockies Touch The Sky

A soulful and joyous celebration of the High Country experience in the Rocky Mountains


  1. Thank you Martin for these encouraging comments. This is my first attempt at ever having music put to any lyrics I have written. My goal was to have my lyrics resonate with the music and together inspire the listener to visit the Rocky Mountains.

  2. Hi Ian, The energy of this song takes me right back to my visit to Canada in the Rockies. If you wanted to reach out and appeal to visitors, you have pulled it off for sure, it’s a great advertisement which would have folks reaching for their suitcase. I especially noticed the half tone down (I think into a minor chord) which lifts the song melodically into the authentic realms of songwriting, technically a bright and clever interval. Production is clean and tight keeping the listener engaged throughout, likewise the photographs join all of this up to give an overall feast of entertainment. A big fat 5 stars from me. Karen

  3. Hi Karen,
    WOW! I’m blown away by your critique of my song and thrilled that it seemed to speak to you.
    I do not have any performing ambitions. My goal is to Sync License this song to interested Tourist Bureaus, Ski Resorts, and any other entities that want to appeal to potential Rocky Mountain visitors and enthusiasts.
    Thank so much for taking the time to share with me your sentiments, much appreciated.
    Ian Sacks

    1. Hi Karen,
      I love your Positivity! From your lips…
      You seem to have a strong sense & background in musical composition.

      I would enjoy hearing about your musical journey.


  4. Hi Ian, Thank you, I have an artists page on Spotify with a short bio, I retired from live singer/guitarist in 2001 at age 40 after 25 solid years performing (being band leader) in duos bands and solo, mainly in 5 star hotels. I never married and had to earn a living so had to do covers. A long break occurred apart from a hobby of playing in Jazz workshops drilling down into a more in depth study of guitar, and my 2nd job of hairdressing. I had major heart surgery in 2016 and now do 1-2 clients daily at home, when the pandemic came along I was termed extremely clinically vulnerable and could not go out, that’s when I picked up once again with songwriting which had been an early passion at 17. One of my songs is on here its Material Things. Go to Spotify and check me out. How about yourself?

  5. Ian, thanks for your music and song, it’s clear from both the video and music that your muse is all around you. Lovely production, very polished and radio ready! Good job Ian, I look forward to listening to more of your work as time passes…

  6. Hi Terry
    I really appreciate your very affirming comments. This is my first song being entered into a competition and it’s gratifying to hear your encouragement. Thank you so much for reaching out to me.
    I’m currently on a 3 week pleasure road trip with my wife and want to hear about your musical journey during my travels.

  7. A great, uplifting song. You certainly attained a perfect melody to compliment your lyrics. Really super song, well balanced and produced too.
    Wishing you the very best for the competition. X