When Words Are No Longer Enough


  1. Quite the powerful duet in “When Words Are No Longer Enough”! This is such a heartfelt, direct, and revealing lyric with a grand-style production that works rather well. All sucks in the listener, wraps them up in emotion and story, and takes them on a three-and-a-half-minute ear-candy journey. Really pleasing, full-rolling voices here that match and interact beautifully–kind of Ashford and Simpson-like. I loved this song’s (though a bit 1st vocie immediately shaky) opening talk exchange. That talk exchange here is such a nice intro touch. (Perhaps even the shaky 1st voice saying: “Hold me. Don’t. Stop. Holding me,” works best with “that” shakiness, though, since “that voice/singer/storyteller to be” is supposed to be nervous saying such words to their companion/lover, because they’re “worried/nervous” about if “those” words will be accepted or rejected. Regardless, that “nice-touch talk-exchange intro” all reminded me of Lennon and Ono’s classic whisper-exchange opening of “Happy Christmas, Kyoko; Happy Christmas, Julian” on their “So This Is Christmas” song. All the bells and whistles are found in “WWANLE”–an entry with grand appeal, one that births goosebumps, and a song that I continue to hear well after my several times of having listned to it.