When Paul met John

A song about when Paul met John at the church fete in July 1957, Paul was unsure of John at the beginning and took his time agreeing to join the band. George joined six months later after auditioning for John and Paul upstairs on a late-night bus.
When times were down, John would rally the group around by asking ” where are we going lads”


  1. A good song, giving the early history of The Beatles. It certainly was an important meeting in music history, when Paul McCartney was introduced to John Lennon, as your pleasant song makes clear. Looking at your Everton shirt, I hope Everton do better next season than they did this season, free of any fear of a relegation battle.

  2. I remember reading that when John Lennon asked the question: “Where are we going lads?” his fellow Beatles would answer: “we’re going to the toppermost of the poppermost, Johnny. ” That was one youthful dream that did come true, much to their own surprise.

  3. One of the most challenging lyrics to write I think is one that encapsulates a sensible history timeline in song. And that’s what you’ve managed to do here, Tony. Quite an entertaining tune peppered with grand recollections. Nice trip down Penny Lane, so to say, and how well you drove this music bus along, getting us to the station in time to hear it. Thanks for sharing!