When February Comes

So, I completed the chord part of the challenge. The song is about grief which always washes over me at this time of year. Excuse the croak.. I’m just recovering from Covid!


  1. I’m not hearing any croak – I’m hearing raw emotion as the song progresses. It builds really nicely, and the melody is lovely. The hook of ‘When February Comes’ is really catchy, I’ll be singing that all day! Great job, as ever. Hope you are over that bloody Covid. Cheers.

  2. I love the croak….it happens in all the right places, keep it!!! I think this was technically a very difficult vocal and you’ve done a fantastic job. Love the harmonies.
    The guitar is somewhat lost because of the vocal performance but it is also beautifully played.

  3. Absolutely divine, the story, the song, the telling. I think this is probably my favourite of yours, I personally love the vocal, there’s a rawness that matches the mood of the song. Really well done Julie, I love it.