What If I Just (Lyrics: Christina Tan)

I have adjusted the last line in the fourth verse to allow the song to scan. I wrote this 2 days after my Father had passed away and I was instantly drawn to these lyrics because they were perfect because my Father was Jewish and there were Hebrew Words included in the song. It was a great comfort to have this song as I wanted a song to mark my Father's passing and would have been unable to write lyrics at that particular time. So thank you Christina for sharing your lyrics. Apologies for the delay in sharing for obvious reasons. Lyrics below.

What If I Just ….. (Lyrics Christina Tan) (16/4/22)

What if I forget my own soul
Just to be right
Adonai Elohim
Will you not forgive me?

You know me, yet love me
You chose me & embraced me!
Forgave me and you freed me!
Restored, renewed, my psyche

What if I forget my own soul
To be right
My Father, do you hear me?
Will You not forgive me?

But You know me
Yet you love me!
And your whispers
Do pursue me
Breathing singing o'er me
Spirits rising, lifting, guiding

But if I just let you love me
Cease the runnin', you've been waitin'
Everywhere and every when


  1. I could be way off here but is your style of singing this similar to cantor singing? I thought it fitted together well. I sensed your loss but also your thanks in your beautiful delivery. My father died nearly twenty years ago and strangely I had a dream about him last night, so I understand how deep the bond goes. All best wishes.

  2. Thank you so much Love Town – I’ve only just found your comment “by accident”! Cantor singing would be a perfect fit for the mood and intention behind the song. Thanks for your feedback and comments. Thanks for sharing regarding the loss of your father and your synchronistic dream, it seems that finding this song is another synchronicity too. Thanks for listening.