We’ve All Got To Fly Away

This isn’t a song in the country style. I did want to write something gritty about sin and redemption but…the word “country” did inspire me to write about something current in our life – a daughter having a year out to travel to far flung places before she goes to University. It’s called “We’ve All Got To Fly Away”.


  1. Top song title, Alan. Although I appreciate this isn’t a country song per se, leaving is a very common theme in country – Merle Haggard’s ‘Silver Wings’ expresses the same sentiments about someone flying away, so I think you score on both counts! Hope your daughter has a ball in her gap year. For my ‘gap year’ (As we didn’t call it back then) I worked in the Civil Service in Southend-on-Sea!

  2. I bet I’m not the only one doing backing vocals to that chorus, Alan. You certainly create a distinctive Alan-White sound and whatever you write draws me in. This is another assured performance of a heartfelt song. I went to work in Jamaica in my early twenties. My mum & dad waved me off at York station. My parents always let me fly and I’ll never forget how much I owe them for their trust & belief in me. Thank you for taking me back there. Xx

  3. Great take on the challenge Alan. Quite refreshing to hear a non country style song (and that’s in now way detracting from those who did do one, self included).