We’re Only Building Walls

Here’s my entry ”We’re Only Building Walls”
When I was younger I spent some time in West Berlin and East Berlin as they were known then. I was always taken with the tragedy of families, lovers being separated by this cruel wall and the unfairness of it all especially after the devastation visited on the inhabitants during the war. This song in no way does it justice and is really pretty much unfinished but like a few other on here this is my last chance this month to submit something!


  1. Jolly good, mate. Your guitar playing has never sounded better, with a rock steady beat and chords that remind me of some sixties songs. I like the idea of walls and bridges, too. Nice one, as ever. Cheers.

  2. Really enjoyed listening, loved the melody and the walls and bridges idea! I can sense how enjoyable those chords are to play from your performance, and I loved the driving rhythm! Great!