Waiting for the Autumn Leaves

This song tells the story of a man finding love in a care home. It’s not completely new, but it’s freshly reworked, and recorded with the help of a TisT friend. I’ve been advised that it’s maybe a bit too long, but I don’t want to cut any of it out!


  1. He couldn’t manage on his own, and so he moved into a home /
    And he doesn’t need to worry any more /
    He soon learns the new routines, there’s someone there to keep him clean /
    To wash his clothes and all the other chores /

    He sits down in the old armchair, with all the other people there /
    But no-one he could really get to know /
    So he goes to the window and stares outside, a little sad and misty-eyed /
    And the hours go ticking by so slow /

    He’s waiting for a time that’s passed /
    He’s waiting to be taken home at last /
    He’s waiting for the autumn leaves to fall /
    He’s waiting for nothing at all /

    Then one day, he heard a sound, and through the window, in the grounds /
    He saw someone he may have seen before /
    She stood beneath the cherry tree, her hair was flowing wild and free /
    And she sang a song he thought he knew /

    He shuffled all the way along, to where this woman sang her song /
    I get a kick out of you /
    He was back in 1946, transported and transfixed /
    Something had just clicked in his mind /

    He was waiting for a time that’s passed /
    He was waiting to be taken home at last /
    He was waiting for the autumn leaves to fall /
    He was waiting for nothing at all /

    He goes and sits beside her now, they’ve become good friends somehow /
    And they pass the time of day /
    She talks about the songs she knows, the bands, the dances and the shows /
    And it all comes flooding back to him /

    He doesn’t have a lot to say, but he listens hard, and he smiles away /
    And he lets her know she means something /
    And the best of all is when she sings, Night and Day, These Foolish Things /
    I’m In The Mood For Love /

    He can’t wait to see her every day /
    He can’t wait to hear her voice again /
    And when the autumn leaves start to fall /
    He really has no cares at all, no cares at all.

  2. I wish there was a way of replying to comments individually on this website, but just to say ….. I really appreciate all the positive comments, and particularly the reassurance that the song isn’t too long. Sometimes you just need a certain length to tell a story. The power and importance that music has in our twilight years is a subject dear to my heart.

  3. Nice one, Paul. I think you are right not to cut anything out as it allows the narrative to build nicely. Really interesting idea, perfectly executed. Would that all care homes were as good! Cheers.

  4. You need not have worried about the length, the story and pacing takes the listener effortlessly from beginning to end. Not a lyric likely to come from a boy band and thus reflects a little TisT maturity.