Val’s Song

Valerie Bertinelli–from a TV star starting in the 70s sitcom “One Day at a Time” that ran for several years and had her TV sister “Julie” calling her “Babs” at times, to her popular 1987 miniseries role in “I’ll Take Manhattan,” in which Valerie’s character lived in Trump Tower and even shared scenes with former President Donald Trump (who played himself) in that golden made-for-TV movie, to her marrying the late, great Van Halen rock group founder and lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen and having a son with him whom she calls “Wolfie), to her outshining Rubik’s cube phenomenal run back in the day, to her staunch vocal presence today online like on X- (formerly known as Twitter), to the fun Caturday posts of her cats on social media, her devil-may-care personality when needed, and her most recent award-winning cooking show hosting gig on the Food Network, Valerie’s life has been an open book that I’ve always read, enjoyed, and followed, thus, my “Val’s Song” entry in this Sept. ’23 “Film and Books (catalogue) Challenge.”

All mentioned above are the “behind the lyric” tidbits, so to say–particulars included in the lyric–and should further help explain the lyric’s meaning.

A “Valerie Bertinelli” lyric I originally wrote for TisT’s May ’23 “Historic Figure” challenge that as a collab with co-TisT member @Nickie –who wonderfully put my lyric to music and vocals–just wasn’t ready in time to enter it into that May ’23 challenge; however, ready now as a lyric video, I thought this song most theme appropriate to submit to this Sept. ’23 film-books challenge. Enjoy!


  1. Excellent theme Chris. One I eat unaware of until reading your prologue. Nickie’s sweet vocal over you lovely piano work created a haunting and melodic track. Good one 👍✌️🌻☮️

  2. Good to know, @AnneMarshall. I appreciate that listen and comment you gave “Val’s Song.” 👉 When I had originally posted the lyrics only, some months back, @Nickie had seen and commented on them, and when I suggested she put music and vocals to them, she willingly (and thankfully) did so.

  3. Beautiful sentiment framed with a wistful melody. It has a “creepy coolness” to it. I mean that in a good way. Great soundtrack for a made for tv teenage stalker movie. I don’t think you meant it that way, but music can be used and experienced in lots of different ways. Nice moody creation!