Unluckiest of Hearts

This month – as part of my further exploration into trying to work out what I’m about as a relatively new song writer – thought I’d try something new. An attempt at the blues (of which I know very little about) resulted in whatever this is.
As always, I genuinely appreciate feedback, I’m here to learn & I know I’ve a long way to go. It came quite quickly so if I’ve totally replicated something else please let me know! I’ll post lyrics below – again suggestions for improvement welcomed these are usually my weakness I feel.


  1. This is fantastic Bec – totally my sort of music! Keyboards lend themselves to this kind of chord progression, which is ‘bluesy’ rather than the blues. The tune and singing are great and fit the lyric perfectly. Yes, there are echoes of Ray Charles and a few others, but it’s impossible not to have echoes of something when you write a song – vis almost every song on TisT! This is a really good performance of an excellent song. I’m personally not too keen on the club background, but that’s just me wanting everything to be live and authentic. Voted!

  2. Thankyou so much for this feedback Paul and makes sense to me that this is bluesy rather than “the”’blues. It came so quick I felt I must have copied something else but couldn’t think what, sounding like the style of is ok though. I’ve never sang (nor played) anything like this before and wouldn’t normally even try hitting some of those notes so I wasn’t confident enough just to sing & play straight to camera. Maybe Ill keep practicing & try it out at an open mic at some point. Thanks for vote!

  3. Thanks Graham. I suppose I’ve not consciously gone out of my way to listen to blues, but when I was looking up examples for inspiration I realised I knew and liked a lot of songs that I didn’t know were classed as “the blues”. Carol King reference is a bit mind blowing! Thanks so much for kind words and encouragement !!

  4. Bec, I listenened to this ‘over there’ and made a stupid comment about the video, listening again I really enjoyed this, there are some brilliant lyrics, really clever and quite unique. “I have found sad/I have found fury/………….. boiling mad”. Voted!

  5. Ah don’t feel bad Ian I’m not boiling mad (see what I did there ?) I’m not sure about the video myself, I put it all together so quickly (song written, recorded & video within a week!) because it was occupying my head so much, I just needed to get it done and out the way. It serves a purpose. Thanks for comments about lyrics, I have no idea where they came from on the chorus, although “unluckiest of hearts” came first after looking up alternative words for chance and sort of built the rest around it. Cheers.

  6. Held me from start to lovely end!
    Was waiting for your backing group to add a musical bridge but not needed!
    Great song, rhythm, vocals melody and backing!

  7. Thankyou so much Jim. Unfortunately I can’t play guitar very well, so whilst I think a bluesy guitar solo would have been very cool, I don’t have the means to do it! I’m so glad you enjoyed and very much appreciate your kind support and taking the time to listen & leave feedback.

  8. Thanks Julie, I enjoyed trying new chord patterns, it’s a style I’ve not attempted before. Vocals are scary but I’ve sung it live since submitting and it wasn’t a disaster (I think).