Unaware of Now

Congratulations to Andy Smith, The Mockingbyrds Cath Harney and Pam Johnson for winning the #HistoricFigures challenge!
Hi All.Here is the song that I’ve written for this months challenge. Yes I actually got up to those adventures and a lot more besides!. I hope you enjoy it. Much love.

Just a kid running in the woods.
Hereward the Wake and sometimes Robin Hood.
Climbing trees just cause I could.
The scent of autumn leaves.
Really did smell good.

Would I go back again, yes I would sir.
And be as I was then, Well maybe I could.

Grand old house, ghosts in the halls.
Lots of lonely rooms , oak panels on the walls.
I climbed out of the skylight onto the roof.
They said there’s nothing up there.
But I had to know the truth.

Did I think I could fly, yes I did sir.
Laugh more than I cried.
At least I think I did, didn’t I

Help me clear my mind.
There’s just too much to think of.
Too many hills to climb.
Take me back to the time.
Of frost on the window.
Go carts and bikes.
The misty covered village that no one could ever find.

Riding my bike fast down the hill.
Clickers on the wheels, man what a thrill
Boys and gilrs at the village seat.
Some have gone their own ways.
Never more to meet.

Would I go back again, yes I would sir.
Be young again, unaware of the now.


  1. I enjoyed your song, Phil. It’s a great title too. I think children have a lot less freedom these days which is a shame – we were lucky but perhaps didn’t realise it at the time😃

  2. I don’t know if you found the lyrics first, the chords, melody or a combination of all three, but I found they all dovetail together seamlessly in your song, Phil. The unknowing of youth.

  3. I’m really blown away by your response to my tune guys. Thank you so much and for my votes too!
    Excited about the July challenge now.
    Much love
    Philo 😁✌️☮️🌻