Written from the perspective of the boat as she sails along the lake and some of the wonders of nature she encounters


  1. To reiterate what I said on the book of face. This is a gorgeous song and cunjoured up some wonderful imagery. Me and the better half had a lovely holiday in the lakes and loved Ullswater. A picture I took there stayed as my PC background picture for quite a few years. Lovely

    1. Thanks a million Huw. Ullswater is a very beautiful lake. I’m grateful for being able to spend lots of time there in the summer months. If I can’t be in Wales then Yorkshire and Cumbria are two beautiful and inspiring locations.

  2. Nice Fairport style guitar on opening. Paced like sailboats on the lake, very evocative of the place. Will be staying at the Inn on the Lake, Glenridding later this year. Will listen to your song again whilst watching the sailboats.