Tricia 18/6/22
Copyright Saskia Griffiths-Moore 2022

C, D, G
This is for Tricia
She was 72 when we met
She said she liked my songs
Thought I sounded like Joan Baez

At the time I had nothing
Lived alone in my little van
Not a penny to my name
And not many to call a friend

D, C, G, D, Am

This is a thank you for the way you stepped in to my life
You really came through when I didn’t know I needed time
And you gave me hope you gave me strength to stay and fight
So this is a thank you for showing me that life is worthwhile

She didn’t care much for cooking
Normal dinner was wine and cheese
She’d put an ice cube in
Didn’t care about snobbery

She liked to take pictures
Of the ever changing sea
I have one framed at home
Next to her front door key


Em, D, C, Em, D, G x2
I don’t think you know
Your generosity
Mended my broken faith
In humanity
That someone out there
Would believe in me
When I was falling down
You put me on my feet

Long fade out


  1. So glad to hear this again – what an uplifting story beautifully portrayed in these lyrics with a flowing melody with an infectious rhythm that I just couldn’t resist tapping my feet along too. Thanks for sharing.