Trad Anon

A lot of traditional folk songs have evolved through lots of different versions over the years, but every song was once someone’s original idea. So I’ve tried to celebrate those nameless people from history who have written tunes and songs that are still enjoyed today.


  1. Well done for writing your fine tribute to the song writers of long ago whose names are forgotten. Today I was listening to the first album by Martin Carthy, released in 1965, which includes his version of Scarborough Fair, one of my favourite English folk songs, which you mention in your song. I have often wondered, like you, who wrote such songs. Certainly, the song writers you sing of deserve to be celebrated.

  2. Lovely tribute Paul. Expertly written, played and sung as always. I kept hearing Arlo Guthrie in my head, but I’m guessing he just borrowed those progressions too.