As soon as Bec announced the challenge title I was taken back to a time in my teens when the thought of asking a girl out on a date would give me the panics and scurrying off to hide. Not that I didn’t imagine what I would say or how I would manage the situation, but the fear of rejection and embarrassment was crippling. Now, aged fifty seven, the problem is no longer pressing but I still feel for all those people who are plucking up the courage to ask someone on a date or who have to face up to a bully etc. anyway, this song is about being a ‘comfortable coward’!


  1. Better a comfortable coward than an uncomfortable hero! Nice one Simon, I can relate to this, as will a lot of folks in our age group. Nowadays, with Tinder and its ilk I guess things are easier in some respects but harder in others. Nice one, mate, sensitvely handled. Cheers.

  2. “You rarely regret the things you did but always the things you didn´t”….is complete b****cks! The number of things I regret doing are legion but I relate to this song. I´ve always been a “let´s just do it!” kind of person but most of my regrets come from times I DIDN´T procrastinate. Be comforted by the fact that the girl you didn´t ask out might well turn out to be an unpleasant person later in life (possibly).

  3. Great comments Phil and Andy! I thought I would do something intensely personal but, it turns out that maybe that is the best way to find something universally human. I usually try to avoid the ‘navel gazing’, bedroom songs about love and loss, but this one went that way. Thanks for the comments guys.

  4. Nice song Simon, and interestingly the same inspiration for my effort which I hope to post sometime this coming week (once I remember the words well enough to record!). I never did ask her in the end. Did you?

  5. I had a weird experience a few years ago. I went to a group interview for a course and there was a woman who kept saying to me, ‘I know you’ but she couldn’t place me – nor I her. Later we sat side by side as we waited to be individually interviewed. We chatted freely and it was only when I was on my way home, thinking about the chat we had, I realized who she was. It was a girl I met some 35 years ago, who I fancied but didn’t ask out. Of course I wish I had remembered at the time and our chance meeting may have turned out differently. Ho hum.

    Great song.

  6. It is quite an achievement for me to find a ‘relatable topic’ in my lyrics so I am really pleased to hear your comments Lance and Alan. Usually, as soon as I start writing lyrics I become a ball of philosophical pomposity – so this is progress!
    As an aside, I went through a period of ‘not missing opportunities’ when I broke up from my wife a dozen years ago. I cant say that the ‘scattergun’ approach was better than being stoically British and silent. I think I may have hurt a few people. In matters of the heart its a delicate and sensitive process.

  7. I was always old-fashioned enough to never pursue the boys/men I fell for, Simon, and no one pursued me. I thought I’d just make the most of being single. Until I met my now husband. And I pursued him, even eventually writing a letter proposing to him. For once in my life I faced the fear & didn’t procrastinate. Thank you for reminding me in your beautiful song.

  8. Wow Suzanne! I think we find the ability to be brave when we meet the right person and you obviously did. It worked out for me too, but the memories of fumbling over words and fearing humiliation are still clear in my mind.