Today is a song about someone with dementia, which a lot of people will have some experience of from relatives or friends. It was written from the individual's point of view.
It is a personal song as my mother has dementia and I recall her saying (before the disease got worse) that she had holes in her brain.
It is written from the point of view of someone who has that self awareness and the title (a deliberate nod to the Beatles song) reflected that people with dementia lose track of the past and all you can do is deal with the here and now.


  1. “The echoes of the essence slipping out of sight”. What an achingly accurate phrase, Mike. To write a song on such a difficult topic with so much empathy is certainly an achievement. Well done.

  2. So poignant and beautifully reflective of a difficult situation which must have been hard to harness given the very personal nature of the context. I wonder if you might consider this for a charity song for those that work with dementia? Just a thought.