To The Edge

A song about how brave Christopher Columbus was. And saying that it takes a brave heart to succeed in love.
“A faint heart never won a fair lady”


  1. Thanks Ian
    I don’t perform so I find it difficult to learn my own songs. I hope that makes sense. I hear a band doing it in my head but I can’t get that performance. My performance is like a very rough sketch.

  2. Thanks for the comment Peter
    I know, I can tell other just to go for it and don’t do it myself. And other people over the years have said to me that. I wrote for Eurovision in the 80ies and 90ies. And since then I’ve written 100s of songs and three musicals…With no commercial success. And people have said just go and do shows.
    Thanks again for your comment.

  3. Thanks Rebecca
    So few people listen to the lyrics
    Thanks again
    I have a brother in law called Kieth Richards. And a first cousin called Davy Crockett. Maybe there’s a song about famous people in there?