Time Waster

What an interesting challenge this month set by Bec's daughter (Good luck with the revision), as it felt quite surreal taking time to write a song about wasting time.
Anyway, I've come up with this semi biographical tune called 'Time Waster'
I'd like to add that I was inspired by Mel Reeves masterclass on open tuning and by Phil Godsell writing a song in open tuning that I also wrote and played mine in open D. However, after videoing/live recording, I added a little guitar break (more time wasting) that was played on a standard tuned guitar as I haven't quite worked out where all the different notes are well enough to solo.


  1. I also spend time staring into space and telling people I am “thinking of lyrics” (Spoiler alert – I´m thinking about what I´m going to have for lunch) I like the solo. Deeply impressed by anyone who uses alternative tunings. Like the song – you obviously wasted your time well

  2. As I said on FB I love the line “lying on my bed trying to empty out my head”. Great tune and response to the challenge. Ps, exams going well so far, not bad considering the amount of procrastination that’s taken place in getting down to study!