Time Stands Still

Mermories of my parents dancing in competitions and elsewhere. I was parked by the stage to watch the band whilst they slowly cleared the floor – making it all seem so easy. I tried it. It isn’t. I hope you enjoy sharing this memory with me.


  1. Lovely song Mel.
    I don’t know why but the dancing shoes reminded me of that Charlie Chaplin scene where he uses two bread finger rolls as pretend dancing feet.
    Funny the memories that pop in there.😁👍

  2. Lovely song Mel, flows so smoothly like dancers gliding, almost lullaby-esque. My brain couldn’t quite handle the physical impossibility of some of the shoe moves of bipedal beings, but artistic licence wins out.

  3. This is very gentle. I long to be able to produce the sound quality you do Mel. As a self taught hack of a guitarist I have found your Masterclass sessions very interesting btw. Julie has added some great images to this song and it has many hours of work in it. Very impressive. Mal