Time on My Mind

It’s taken me a while to pull this one together. For some reason I felt the need to learn how to play a lap steel in C6 tuning to give the song a proper #countrychallenge sound. It’s not very accomplished but it adds some colour.

The video footage was filmed by me back in the late 1970s. It’s a bit disjointed because I just filmed whatever came into my head for no good reason but – for me – the video fits the song rather well.

Here are the words for those who like to read as well as listen:

The river rolled
While that one bell tolled
And old friends shook my hand:
Just standing there, feeling so alone.
Count us out and count us back:
Four, three, two then one.
Now I can’t find a place that feels like home.

I did not know
The way to go.
Perhaps I never will
But time has taught me how to sing the blues.
If sis was here, I’d bend her ear
The way I used to do.
We’d stand a while inside each other’s shoes.

Time on my mind,
The first snow of winter,
The young birds fly
While you and I
Are left to face the frost.
Time on my mind
Drifting down the river.
No-one knows
How far it goes
Until the chance is lost.

You may say
It’s a tired cliché
But it comes straight from the heart:
I’m all at sea and north cannot be true.
So weigh the anchor, strike a light
and send a little hope
And maybe I will find my way to you.

The sun will shine
Not all the time
But a little more each day:
Summer’s coming one step at a time.
The weatherman said rain at first
But brighter later on
Everything is going to turn out fine.


  1. I’ve written a comment o. YouTube. This is a really lovely song, so well composed, Nostalgic lyrics. Sounds are, like your old film footage, a perfect fit. You have put a lot into this song. X