Thinking About Christina

In 12th century Belgium, at the funeral of a young shepherd girl, a miracle took place. Instead of passing on to heaven she chose to return and spend the rest of her long life making penance to earn the freedom of souls held in purgatory. In her time she lived wild and homeless, was imprisoned, and finally took refuge in a monastery. Learned men and royalty respected and sought her wisdom. But the most astonishing thing about Saint Christina The Astonishing was that she could levitate high above the stench of this sinful world.


  1. I like your voice at the best times, but this is sublime, and it so fits the narrative as it swirls and falls in all the right places. Reminds me of Mary Margaret O’Hara. I used to work in Catholic book publisher (even though I don’t have faith) and this brought back memories of some of the saints and their works, so thanks!

  2. Atmospheric with lots of space and which is a perfect mirror to the subject you’ve described lyrically. Really interesting choice of character – I’ve learned something new! (Again)