The Sum Of It All

Memories of people, places, and things… the sum of it all has made me.
V1: Icicle popsicles, banana seat bicycles – Jumping in the lake – Shower under eaves throughs, frightening lightning – Cozy by the fire. Chorus: The sum of it all has made me – Places to dream away – Faces of those who made me – I remember it like yesterday. V2: Pinball, pogo stick, Pop Rocks, pick-up sticks – Jumping in the snow – Moon Boots, snow suits, woolen mittens, wet tuques – Drying by the fire. V3: Ouija board, jump cord, vinyl record, sail board – Jumping on the bed – Piano playing, trumpet blaring, baby yelling, dog barking – Singing by the fire.


  1. Although these are your memories and not many tied over to mind, the sentiment of the sum of those things really resonates. All those things that bring us joy. Lovely thoughtful song. I liked the lift in the melody and you sing it beautifully