The Shock Of Snow

Gone all up tempo this time with a positive spin on LOVE. Using the metaphor of snow and how an unexpected snowfall can lift your heart and how love can unexpectedly present itself during the most mundane time of your life.

The temporary transient nature of snow and love, the desire to keep it for longer and build something lasting (“Don’t drop and go, before I get the coal on” and to spend time getting to know each other before dismissing it, “You gotta know which rock you’re gonna roll on”, are just a couple of lines that represent this. It’s a bit poppy, but it’s fun to sing and I hope you like it too. (co-written with Graham Buxton)


  1. Great idea Steve – you’re right, a sudden snowfall can lift the old spirits (though after a few days it outstays its welcome like a love can!). I do like the 12-string giving a lovely jangly tone to what is a jaunty song. Like you say, it’s a bit poppy, but there’s nowt wrong with that. Catchy melody, too. Very nice.