The Queen of Procrastination

Original song written and performed by Jayne Ingles 28/05/2022
Title : The Queen of Procrastination

I’ve got this down to a fine art
Some may call me lazy
And may be a little crazy
I’m the Queen of procrastination

Vs 1
I’m just sitting here in my garden
Watching how the flowers grow
Lounging with an iced cold beer
Listening to the ebb and flow


I can hear a mower humming
Just a house or two away
I’ll just sip and listen
Waiting for my grass to grow


Washing is in the basket
Pegs are in the bag
It really would be good to see it
Billowing free in the breeze


Vs 5
A dog barks, a street away
The cat pricks up its ears
In the hot noon day sun
The bees are buzzing free


I can hear the gulls a calling
As they circle way up high
I can see Starlings dancing
Murmuration across the sky


Vs 7
Doorbell rings to end the peace
Though it seems so far away
Someone else will get it
Or they will just go away


Why do it today anyway
Much too much NOTHING to do today
It can wait until tomorrow
When it will start all over again.



  1. Hiya, Good song – nice bluesy feel, with some country ovetrtones and a summer vibe. It clocks in at a hefty six minutes, but you wouldn’t know it, which is a sign of a good song. Funny you mention starlings, I’ve just been chatting to some juveniles who are on the bird feeder. It’a great to be a procrastinator in’t it? Cheers.

  2. So relaxing to listen to & you had me smiling at the references to mowing & washing on the line. I’ve got it down to a fine art too, and that chorus is now stuck in my head!

  3. The vibe of this perfectly suits the lyrics… that sleepy, put if off until tomorrow honky tonk feel. I can see why folks love it when you do country! Love the imagery in the laundry lines…