The Promise

A Heartbreaking song of Personal Loss!


    1. Hi Bob, Kimberley Dunn, Who is Ottawa’s Foremost Entertainer, Piano, singing, Recording, Weddings, Funerals etc.
      She is a lovely, beautiful person who sings like an Angel!
      She liked, “The Promise” so much because of its Lyrics being so relevant that she has it on her site to offer clients at End of Life Ceremonies. Look up “Kimberley Dunn music” and you will see my song alongside five Classics ( You Raise me Up, Ave Maria, Wonderful World, Hallelujah, in her Funeral choices.
      Unfortunately for me, she has decided she is concentrating on her own music ( she has released her own Album) and on her Weddings and Official and Private Functions which are more Lucrative! Shame!

  1. I wonder how the song would have felt if you had sung it yourself Jim? Is that you playing the piano? Kimberly (Dido’s sister?) has done a fine job here yet I would be more interested to hear your original version which I’m sure would contain a more convincing depth of presentation? Great words & melodies.

    1. I’m afraid I am not a good singer Christopher! Can’t be good at everything!
      I write the Lyrics and the Music!
      Elton only creates the Music! Bernie writes the Lyrics!
      Kimberley sings it well, I agree! Who is Dido?