The Past Is The Present

I was inspired to write this song after watching the Get Back Movie. I watched the seven-hour film bit by bit over a week and it felt like I was there with them at work every morning, as if it was now! The song addresses all the Beatles in different ways – Paul and Ringo who are still with us, and John and George who have gone. I was unable to find a singer so had to sing the song myself, not too great as you\’ll hear, but hopefully beneath the vocal straining you\’ll discover the song.

The Past is the Present

I’m watching you now
But you’re no longer here
I’m watching the crowds
But they’re no longer near

I’m hearing the plans
That have been and gone
I’m hearing the birth
Of your future songs

The past is the present
The present is the past

I’m thinking I’m with you
And sharing your time
I’m thinking those coffees
Are yours and they’re mine

I’m singing of love
For the days you owned
I’m singing to you
Whose lives have flown

The past is the present
The present is the past

I’m sensing the peace
In your hearts and your souls
I’m sensing ‘forever’
As time unfolds
I’m feeling the tears
That appear in my eyes
I feel your emotion
Your lows and your highs

Repeat verses three and four


  1. I didn’t find any strain in your voice that you should be troubled by, David. I heard a true tribute lyric and song to Sir Paul in it. Like an unplugged version of a song, so to say, this one rocked heartfelt and steady with an all-around entertaining quality. Nice work!