The Last Song of the Year

Literally, the last song I wrote in 2022. It is also the last of a sequence of songs that were shaped against the background of war in Ukraine. This is a love song from a soldier leaving his partner on New Year's Day for another tour of duty, hoping to return in Spring. The sub-text is seasonal renewal. Since April 2021 I have been writing a song a week, recording it and making a music video. This is song number 92 – I should hit 100 sometime in February.


  1. Very poignant lyrics, and a nice tune and arrangement, with a couple of unexpected chord changes. You’ve done very well to manage a song each week, with all that goes into your productions!

  2. A fully completed song a week is immense! Liked the lyrics, interesting chord choices and nice production. I’m so fascinated by the band in a box…. Nice sentiment to this song (and very true, they do),

  3. I’m enjoy your arrangement very much and like how you’ve introduced a sense of Eastern European folk music. Good luck with creating a song every week, and Imlook forward to hearing more of the results.

  4. Thank you everyone who listened to ‘The Last Song of the Year’ and especially those who took time to comment. I have been working on a slightly more subtle approach to playing the piano on this song. Well done Suzanne for picking up on the Eastern European vibe.