The Girl On The Underground

This was a song written during Lockdown about the kindness of strangers, taking your chances and not giving up.


  1. The 12 string guitar sounds amazing. Lovely chord progressions. I’m struggling to hear what you’re singing (lyrics) though the fab tune is clear. I wonder if you’d consider posting the lyrics?

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks. More than happy to post the lyrics.
      The Girl On The Underground

      She sat in her own world, guitar resting by her side.
      All her dreams seemed torn, fingers twisting as she cried.
      Didn’t see the stranger, but heard a soft voice say
      Gentle words of comfort, ask if she’s ok?

      Don’t give up on your dreams when they begin to fail
      You are stronger than you’ll ever know.
      Find your burning passion then you will start to sail
      Take the time to let the music flow.
      Don’t by the rules be bound
      She told the girl on the underground.

      Then dark times descended and the world just closed the door,
      But her dream kept growing as her songs became more sure.
      Something still was missing, love cannot be denied
      A spark that had ignited something deep inside.

      She knew she had to write down, state the message clear,
      Send it out for all the world to see
      Music wrapped so tightly round words she held so dear.
      Put it up on Youtube with a plea.
      You turned my world around
      Sang the girl on the underground.

      So she went on writing and still hoping for the day,
      Winds of fate would blow and that love would find a way.
      A murmur started slowly, turned into a roar,
      The song had gone viral, the world outside her door.

      She waited for the message, for that special word
      Hoping that her song would be the key.
      Then one day it came and her prayers they had been heard
      The soft words from one she longed to see,
      What was lost is found
      For the girl from the underground.

      The girl on the underground x 3

      Mike Wiles