The Flute of Innocence

Here's my Regret Challenge entry. A first co-write with Mike, my husband! Not exactly a cheery tale! I'll put the lyrics in the comments. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. The Flute of Innocence
    Regret Challenge – Jul 22 C and M Harney

    They move together through the night, through sheets of rambling pain
    They move to break the chains of loss, they moved and lost again
    She took it all with little blame, she brought it into view
    She bought a seat on heaven’s train, and wished it wasn’t true

    Chorus 1
    Devil’s in dark corners, none of them afraid
    Regrets are few among them, so long as they get paid
    So long as they get paid, as long as they get paid.

    And everything she thought she had, and all she thought she knew
    And every cloud that came around, with every storm that blew
    She’s laid her life in limbo now, with people rich and plain
    Laid her life in limbo low, to wait for heaven’s train.

    Chorus 2

    Cornered by her demons, raptured by their game,
    The flute of innocence became, her way to beat the pain,
    Her way to beat the pain, her way to beat the pain.

    Instrumental as intro x 2

    Repeat Chorus 3 with last to phrases: she waits for Heaven’s train
    Lose her soul in vein, she waits for Heaven’s train

  2. Really great, Cath, it conjures up some moving images. I love the ‘Devil’s in dark corners’ line in particular. Your guitar playing is really good too – I wish I could keep time like you! I hope you and your husband take this out on the road, ‘The Harneys’ has a wonderful country feel to it! Cheers.

  3. There’s so much happening in this song, Cath. It’s truly beautiful on every level. Maybe one day we’ll meet and talk about these lyrics. They take my mind and heart to so many directions. Beautiful vocals and guitar work. ?

  4. I love this, listened again. Just wonderful! This is by far my favourite song of yours by far… if songwriting is capturing lightening in a jar, I think you’ve caught a storm, here ( garbled metaphor ). Gets my vote. If I could give you 2, I would. If I could give you 27, then, I would. I demand a full recording 🙂