The First Morning

The first time you wake up next to that special person.


  1. Nice Martin, very mellow and smooth. Did you choose electric over acoustic for a particular reason? I’d be interested to listen to an all acoustic version where your vocals have more audible clarity and perhaps for me anyway, unlike this version with the electric as I personally feel the electric guitar over powers your very rich vocal tones and inflections. As always, horses for courses, however, I enjoyed very much. Good song, lovely guitar playing and reflective lyrics…

  2. Lovely Martin, classic chord progression, and is that an Fm or Fdim7 in the chorus?, either way is a brilliant choice. I can hear all sorts of accompaniment in my head so would love to hear a fully produced version of this. Great song.

  3. Hello Martin! Thank you for your friend request. Really love your song and performance … love the color/sound of your voice … Being new to the site, do our songs have to be with acoustic guitar, or can they be acoustic ensemble recordings … and or who can I speak to? Look forward to hearing your other compositions. Keep it comin!

  4. Hey Martin – I envy the rich timbre of your voice! Sweet celebration of a sweet moment…
    Terry Martin Mace’s comment makes me wonder about the guitar recording, which has some nice sparkle on the high string notes. To my ear it sounds like an acoustic guitar with and under-saddle pickup going straight into the recording device rather than either an electric guitar or an externally mic’d acoustic. I’d love to know what we are actually hearing. I am constantly switching between electric and acoustic guitars but hardly do any recording work (yet). Merci.