The Essential Probability Of Winning In Life

A brand new song about the chances we take. You will hear several instruments, I'm playing some, hence no real video


  1. Yeah Bob that works mighty fine for me as an alternative funk groovy off centre blues and jazzy arrangement, lyrics and instrumentation. It’s perfectly weird in absolutely all the right ways. Bob, this is great! And, I love the lyrics which are almost 100% clear! Post them please for me and others to get the 100% experience Bob! If you fancy taking this into a ‘song hospital’ type forum I’d be the first to suggest some extra weird and wonderful inputs such as but certainly not limited to the following – Phased guitar, off beat percussion, secondary vocals echoed, distorted, screaming in the background sort of madness and finally, some maniacal laughter like on, ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ – or not as the case may be lol. Super work Bob! You’ve got my vote! Cheers, Terry.